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HCL helps a leading aircraft manufacturer in flight test consolidation for faster launch of the aircraft Sep 19, 2017 Case study
Responsive financial & business planning Aug 02, 2017 Brochure
Single View of Customer Aug 02, 2017 White Paper
Digital maintenance powered by iMRO Aug 02, 2017 Brochure
HCL helped a leading airline transform inventory management in its maintenance division Jul 26, 2017 Case study
HCL is implementing a sap driven material management operations platform to support the aviation industry Jul 26, 2017 Case study
HCL provided an intelligent reporting solution for a leading aircraft manufacturer to help them take smarter business decisions Jul 25, 2017 Case study
HCL solidifies, stablizes and enhanced an ERP platform on MS Dynamics for a leading distributor of parts and consumables for aerospace & defense aircrafts Jul 25, 2017 Case study
HCL implemented a comprehensive sap transformation program to improve business performance for a leading manufacturer of business jet aircraft Jul 25, 2017 Case study
HCL helps reduce operational costs for a global aerospace and defense conglomerate through process standardization Jul 25, 2017 Case study
HCL helped a leading manufacturer of aircraft and aerospace products to move on a azure cloud platform Jul 21, 2017 Case study
HCL intelligent supply chain visibility Jun 06, 2017 Brochure
HCL’s BASE90 aerospace company for S4HANA Jun 06, 2017 Brochure
Enabling Business Transformation for Aerospace and Defense Jun 06, 2017 Case study
Connected Ground Service Equipment (GSE) Mar 24, 2017 Brochure
S&OP a Hoshin Kanri Approach Aug 27, 2015 White Paper
HCL's Enterprise Asset Management Toolbox Aug 27, 2014 Brochure
HCL In Aerospace & Defense Jun 20, 2014 Brochure
HCL helps in Technology Transformation through Portfolio Optimization for a leading international airline Feb 26, 2014 Case study
Engineering and R&D Services (Aerospace) Oct 25, 2013 Brochure