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HCL Technologies

IT Consulting


HCL provides business advisory services across the technology lifecycle for retail and CPG companies which enables them to address issues holistically and create customized solutions that take the relationships beyond the contract.


The services are divided in the following phases:


Roadmap definition:

HCL's strategic roadmap definition services are designed to ensure that IT systems do not become a drag but are optimized and managed so as to transform business functions by being better-aligned to business needs while ensuring operational efficiency.

HCL retail and CPG consulting brings unique strengths to organizations engaged in a significant business transformation exercise to create competitive advantage. To such organizations, we offer a clear transformation roadmap leveraging the step-it-up methodology and a mature portfolio of services. 

E2E business scenario definition

The business scenario definition describes at full extent the processing of one business operation or a defined business objective. It typically contains operational sequence and functions as well as to data consistency. It also provides a view on the sequence of business processes (and business process variants) triggering each other and thereby forming an end-to-end process flow.


Business blueprinting

This function will document the business processes in the client company that are supposed to be implemented in an IT system. In a business blueprint for projects, a project structure with relevant business scenarios, business processes and process steps are organized in a hierarchical structure will be created. HCL can also create project documentation and assign it to individual scenarios, processes or process steps before assigning transaction to each process.

Package evaluation

Facilitates build vs. buy decisions and the selection of best-fit Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) products


Functional pre-studies

Extracting and evaluating the underlying functions embedded in the organization is the beginning of the improvement effort. Pre-studies “dis-assemble” functional processes and catalog the differences among customers that can lead to tailored, competitive functional processes. The conclusions of the pre-studies focus on the best opportunities for improving competitive position through functional redesign.

Business requirements gathering and analysis

HCL’s information technology consulting offers retail and CPG domain analysts qualified in requirements elicitation, analyzing and validating requirements, creating functional specification and managing requirements.


Continuous business process improvement

HCL has been instrumental in aligning IT to the business, rather than just driving IT cost reduction, in order to leverage IT to reduce the cost of doing business in the functional, COGS, and SG&A areas, increasing ROI.

HCL’s business process improvement methodology has a framework to enable this by linking business outcomes and objectives to process KPI’s which are linked to sub processes and the supporting applications and its infrastructure. This is enabled by introducing the concept of continuously monitoring business operational KPIs and end-to-end critical business flows.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.