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Customer Experience Management

The Situation Today

The face of retail is rapidly changing as it is not just the physical stores that represent the face of a retail brand but it is also web-store/online store, social & mobile applications, & contact centres. Hence customer experience is not only impacted by the interactions at the store but by a combination of interactions across channels and over time. Retail is becoming more customer centric as it is the connected customers who are dictating how retailers should serve them. Customer experience management is therefore paramount for retailers to prevent losing out loyal customers to competition and improve customer loyalty, which in turn will yield maximum revenue for the retailer.

Way Forward

People, Process & Technology in Customer Experience Management:

Customer experience starts with a vision that an organization aims to achieve in interactions with its customers. The three pillars - people, process and technology – dictate how the organization can achieve its vision.

Some of the Key tenets of a Customer Experience Management include:

  • Customer Insights - Since the touch-points for the customers with the retailer are increasing, valuable customer data generated through multiple channels are also increasing. It is imperative for a retailer to tap all these data sources across channels to understand consumer behaviour across channels to understand purchase patterns. It will also throw more light on details such as channel-product affinity, customer-channel affinity, and customer- product affinity.
  • Product Information - Omni-channel retailing gives an opportunity for retailers to have inventory visibility across channels so that retailers could avoid a potential stock out at the time of a sale. Customers continue to stay loyal and purchase more with a retailer which scores high on stock availability.
  • Real-Time Customer Assistance - Sales associates/ staff must be able to access real-time information on past customer transactions, buying habits, product & promotion preferences to assist customers effectively during their stay in-store to maximize revenue.

To enable a good customer experience and improve customer loyalty, CRM information needs to be leveraged along with the customer experience strategy. Combining the intelligence about the customers (such as loyalty program history and purchase information) with the customer’s view of the retailer’s brand (through the customer’s actual responses to surveys, his or her comments in social forums, and notes from previous support calls) can catapult customer experience to a higher level.

HCL’s Solutions

HCL has experience in studying the existing ecosystem and various other aspects to identify gaps and potential areas of improvement related to customer experience. HCL’s focus on traditional CRM systems, retail solutions and forward looking Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategies enables business process optimization through an outside-in perspective. By leveraging a set of proprietary tools, frameworks and industry benchmarks we can help retailers define the best in class customer experience and roadmap to achieve the same.

Our Expertise

HCL services spans across Customer relationship management, Marketing campaign management, Customer loyalty management, Promotions management and Customer service management.

Some of HCL’s offerings in this area include:

  • CRM service transformation on cloud
  • SFDC platform as a service
  • CRM/ CXM package selection
  • Oracle Fusion Sales Cloud in a Box Accelerator
  • Socialytics

Success through Relationships

innovative solutions

Customer Driven Loyalty Transformation

HCL executed a customer driven loyalty transformation program for a large Turkish loyalty service platform provider for some of the biggest Turkish retailers. Using the customer profiles and insights gained from the loyalty provider, the retailers differentiate their in-store customer experience by providing more localized assortments based on their needs, recommend products based on current customer location (near store or in aisle), have the most preferred brands with the right attributes (size, color etc.) and dynamic pricing.

Customer Driven Loyalty

End-to-End Customer Feedback Management

HCL made use of its proprietary Social Media Analysis tool (Socialytics) to provide end-to-end Customer Feedback Management service for a major Australian Retailer. The customer feedback on the social media websites, client’s contact Centre team and from different others sources are extracted, integrated and enriched. The enriched data is then analysed and reported to the client’s management team in form of daily alerts and weekly and monthly summary reports. This is also utilized to provide actionable insights as input to strategic marketing and operations divisions.

Customer Driven Loyalty

Digital Engagement Platform

For the world's largest chain of quick service restaurants, HCL proposed and implemented a Digital Engagement Platform (DEP), a solution that provides a one-stop-shop for all of consumer marketing challenges by providing a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain platform to manage all digital marketing activities. HCL’s multi-site rollout capabilities transformed the way the client organization managed its web presence globally.

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Case Studies

HCL unifies customer experience across channels through Integrated Order Management for a...


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Earn from Experiences
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.