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Portfolio management and optimization-Prizm®


Prizm® is a HCL proprietary cloud-based tool used for Enterprise Portfolio Management and Application Portfolio Optimization. It’s a comprehensive way for organizations in retail industry to analyze their competencies and come out with powerful retail solutions.

This tool fills the gap where most organizations suffer due to unavailability of tools to build IT intelligence and perform volume analysis for disparate IT systems spread across geographies and business units to facilitate omni channel retail.

It empowers the transformation teams to gain integrated insights across the business value chain and IT landscape for smart retail and take well informed decisions within their organization to decide upon the futuristic state of the application for their optimization needs.

Through Prizm®, we also strive to achieve:

  • Point-in-time snapshot of the current state in terms of business processes, applications, infrastructure, resources and Cost
  • Mapping enterprise business value chain including business functions, processes & sub-processes with IT Assets like applications, infrastructure, databases etc. with respect to their utilization, Support to Business, Technical Complexity et al
  • Actionable insights into the portfolio in terms of key technology, functional and management gaps and interdependencies across portfolio, fitness/suitability for business purpose etc.
  • Intuitive dashboards to monitor the retail application portfolio and health

HCL’s solution

Prizm® provides comprehensive portfolio visibility through the following features:

  • Business Process Decomposition Map: Specifies all the business processes and its sub-processes
  • Business Function-Application Map: Provides a dynamic view of entire Business Value Chain and Business functions highlighting the applications supporting them
  • Business to IT Assets Alignment: Captures organization business processes structured on product/service value chain or based on customer connect. Essentially a dynamic view with drill down links to next level of decomposition of business processes. This empowers user to relate business process level challenges to application level challenges
  • Application Interface Diagram (AID): Provides a consolidated view with all the application details, along with applications interaction with applications within and outside Customers Organization. It acts as a handy tool for application team to understand the high level cause of disruption / impact
  • Application Server Diagram (ASD): Highlights the various servers on which application are hosted across different environment. Essentially an impact assessment tool to identify which applications will be impacted by planned/un-planned shutdown of a server
  • Application Dependency Diagram (ADD): Shows interaction of all applications with other applications in the portfolio, along with color coding highlighting the business process to which each application belongs. It can be utilized for: Impact Assessment, Application Consolidation Planning, and Application Decommissioning Planning.

Business Benefits

Reducing Total cost of Ownership

  • Reduced licensing cost
  • Minimize future application purchase
  • Reduced training & support requirements

Creating a lean organization

  • Reduced Application & data redundancy
  • Improved consistency

Increased Agility

  • Faster time to market
  • Quick response to customers
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.