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Retail Connect - Enhancing customer experience by optimizing retail operations


Full Service Commerce with SAP Hybris

HCL’s full service commerce solutions provide the ability to deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience. By leveraging its pre-built accelerators, HCL can accelerate deployment on a global scale while providing customizable solutions based on unique customer requirements. HCL Technologies is a Hybris Global Silver Partner with deep experience and the ability to deliver Hybris implementations on a global scale in the Americas, EMEA, India, and Asia Pacific regions.



The Situation Today

Evolution of mobile devices is transforming business in today’s retail world. Retailers are increasingly adopting mobile apps for improving customer experience as well as for improving their own operational efficiencies. Retailers are moving away from tactical and silo mobile app implementations to enterprise mobility in order to transform their business through new generation smart devices. They are looking for mobile solutions covering the entire retail value chain which cannot only be rapidly implemented but can also spark innovation in the enterprise.

HCL’s Solution

Retail Connect is a mobility solution that facilitates faster mobile app implementations, it is an integrated suite of mobile apps, which have been developed keeping in mind the needs of retailers in this emerging world of seamless trade.

Retail connect addresses strategic and operational challenges of the retail companies and is aimed at improving both in-store customer experiences and operational efficiency. Retail connect incorporates several cutting edge technological features such as NFC coupons/payments. Geo Fencing alerts,Virtual store shelves using Augmented Reality, QR code scan etc.

Key Components and Features

In-store Item Inquiry and Sale

  • QR code scanning and quick checkout
  • Complete sale on floor-queue busting by proximity based payments
  • Cross-channel inventory visibility
  • Pay and collect, reserve and collect
  • Item Location

Store Performance Dashboards

  • Configurable KPI dashboards with multiple levels of drilldown
  • Built in retail KPI related to sales, service and productivity
  • Monitor store performance in real-time

Mobile Planograms

  • Planogram planning, execution and compliance
  • Augmented reality – virtual store shelf
  • Workflows to assign, execute and audit planogram resets

Customer Loyalty and Marketing

  • Context-based promotions on mobile
  • Geo-fencing alerts and store locator
  • Creation of shopping lists
  • Ability to receive, redeem and share coupons
  • Capture reviews, ratings and survey response from customer

In-store Alerts

  • System alters on stock-out, reorder paint
  • Alerts to store personnel on customer arrival

Corporate Dashboards

  • Corporate Performance on-the-go in one swipe
  • Role-based dashboard view for corporate users
  • Cluster level store comparisons

Vendor Performance Dashboards

  • Consolidated performance view of multiple measurements related to partners
  • Specific vendor performance across timeline
  • Ability to compare performance of similar vendors

Mobile Workforce Management

  • Allocate/Approve store personnel tasks
  • Real-time view of pending tasks
  • Alert store personnel about pending tasks

Business Benefits

  • Improved in-store sales
  • Enhanced in-store customer experiences
  • Increased customer footfall into the store
  • Enhanced store personnel productivity
  • Improved agility in mobile implementations across the enterprise
  • Optimized business processes across the retail value chain to improve performance
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Full Service Commerce with SAP Hybris
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.