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Supply Chain Visibility and Optimization


Challenges for Supply Chain Leaders

The hyper connected consumers shop in complex ways and demand a seamless cross-channel experience. Hence, at one end, the retailers stand challenged by the responsiveness and convenience that the new age customers demand. On the other end, retailers already face quite a few challenges when it comes to supply chain: improving forecast accuracy, lead time variability, getting the right assortment variety, shortened product lifecycle, complex logistics, optimizing inventory across channels, supply chain costs etc.

As a result, retail supply chain leaders are forced to restructure their supply chains to provide services at lower cost to their cross-channel consumers coupled with pressures to increase shareholder value and drive innovation in the supply chain and grow revenue amidst stiff competition.

Way Forward

Few of the key factors that need to be considered before transforming the supply chain model across retail channels include:

  • Sync between supply and demand across all channels of the retailer.
  • Inventory replenishment agile and just-in-time considering dynamic requests from all retail channels
  • Shorter product lifecycles that put pressure on retail supply chains to deliver next-gen products at a rapid pace
  • Impact of mobile and social commerce on demand forecasting and supply planning & execution
  • Impact of varying logistics costs and compliance issues across multiple geographies

Having a clear supply chain strategy and real-time visibility into all critical functional areas in the supply chain is important to survive and flourish in this environment

HCL’s solution

At HCL, we understand the supply chain factors that determine retail business efficiency and offer integrated solutions to deliver operating efficiency and ensure a healthier bottom line for retailers.

HCL has experience in leading and delivering critical and high-impact engagements across the supply chain functions of forecasting & replenishment, warehouse management and transport management & logistics.

How Can HCL Help

HCL has comprehensive knowledge of the retail sector on how to apply technologies and solutions to customers’ specific business needs.

Some of HCL’s retail offerings in supply chain management include:

  • Safety Stock optimization
  • Order Accuracy improvement
  • VACE (Vendor Audit Compliance Engine)
  • Supply chain visibility improvement
  • Supply network collaboration
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.