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Food Safety and Traceability: TRACK and TRACE


HCL’s TRACK and TRACE solution is a thorough food safety and traceability system which makes information available along the entire food supply chain. It enables inventory management and tracking of the root cause to stop the problem on top of ensuring adherence to government regulations

Concerns regarding the safety of food have grown recently owing to several instances around the world of contaminated food reaching the consumer. This primarily happens due to its complex value chain process which comprises multiple entities in the supply chain, multiple movements and handling of food, multitude of transformations and many points of contamination. Also stakeholders take a myopic view of inventory management and supply chain which leads to lack of visibility.

To tackle these issues, we came up with TRACK and TRACE to:

  • Establish procedures for recall and manage food safety
  • Receive advance notification before your service value chain is exposed to any contamination
  • Select high-risk processes and control points for continuous monitoring for the Product Manufacturer and suppliers
  • Record every movement of product through the food service chain via a comprehensive order management system
  • Ensure each partner passes appropriate information to the next partner in the supply chain and take a complete view of supplier relationship management
  • Integrate your data so that it enhances and complements your existing IT investments and processes
  • Continuously monitor for non-compliance with GMP, HACCP, etc.
  • Provides exception based solutions and alerts via HCL’s CXO dashboard to enable transparency and visibility across your management team

HCL’s solution

HCL’s Track and Trace Solution Framework:


Our Enablers

  • Track and Trace solution in hosted model: HCL’s Track & Trace solution is now being made available as a Cloud based application. Based on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, T&T on the Cloud will now allow brand owners/manufacturers/producers and other players in the F&B supply chain to utilize the power of T&T through a subscription based service
  • HCL Mobile Track and Trace Solution: HCL places the power of T&T in the hands of the consumer, through its mobile extension application. Based on the popular iPhone platform currently, the simple application will allow users to simply scan bar codes of products, to gain access to the complete set of health and safety related information for that product, including known risks, recall history, known allergens, etc. This easy to use application will allow consumers to make informed buying decisions which are safe and healthy

Benefits Delivered

  • A clear visualization of the processes across the inter-enterprise food service chain
  • An assessment of what information can be made available in an emergency
  • An evaluation of the quality and availability of such data during the emergency
  • Information that can be provided to internal management in case of emergency to take appropriate and immediate product recall and recompense decisions
  • The means to identify the information that can be provided to your consumers and customers throughout the recall process to retain their confidence and locality in your brand
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.