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In the evolving modern business landscape, SMBs witness challenges in maximizing ROI as they continuously invest time and effort on core activities, while trying to improve online experience of customers. For retailers, conquering the digital landscape has become a top priority. Online marketing has emerged as a necessity with changing consumer expectations and stiff competition to stay afloat.

HCL has devised a proven ecommerce architecture, BlinkE, which enhances the digital business of online retailers in a cost-effective and agile manner, while enriching customer experience. With BlinkE, SMEs can extend the budget across applications, implement proven strategies to drive revenue, and consequently improve the bottom-line. This solution can be deployed not only on premises but can be hosted on third-party platforms as well. It easily integrates with people, process, and technology across levels. For retailers aiming to enhance their core competencies, drive customer experience and growth or gain greater control over business, BlinkE is the answer.

BlinkE helps retailers boost their ecommerce capabilities, define their online strategies, and meet customer expectations. HCL’s ecommerce experts, who are equipped with several years of industry experience, enable SMBs to attain their entrepreneurial objectives. By using BlinkE’s existing reference templates it is easy to setup an online business. With BlinkE’s advanced administration tools, retailers can gain direct control over the business. The product’s service oriented architecture facilitates easy integration with an external system. The enterprise class technologies ensure scalability and internationalization capabilities. Targeted campaigns and cross-sells, along with support for integration with Paypal and Google help generate higher online revenues. Parametric search and navigation give customers an online experience which encourages them to find the product they need.


Vendor Audit and Compliance

This tools empowers you with end to end visibility of vendors compliance and execptions

Retail Connect

Mobility solutions that incorporate latest technological trends such as NFC, coupons/payment, geo-fencing alerts, etc.

Integrated Retail Planning

Integrated Retail Planning framework helps align your supply chain and merchandize plan with long term business strategies

MyStore Dashboard

The real-time IT and business monitoring solution which helps you obtain actionable insights


Mappin is a browser based tool that helps smoother onboarding of trading partner

Food Safety and Traceability

Our Track and Trace solution helps in ensuring compliance with food safety regulations with complete visibility of supply chain.

Retail Enterprise Collaboration

Enhance the quality of communication, the speed of collaboration and employee engagement.

Portfolio Optimisation

Make informed decisions by analyzing your competencies and gaining insights across the IT landscape and business value chain.


Analyze your existing business process and identify the areas of improvement.

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