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Food Safety and Traceability


Food safety is being prioritized globally after several instances of contaminated food reaching consumers. The reason behind this is the complicated value chain that consists of several players in the supply chain, numerous movements and handling of food, multiple transformations, and various points of contamination. There is also a lack of visibility as stakeholders see inventory management and supply chain myopically.

HCL’s Track and Trace solution offers complete visibility into the food supply chain. By enabling tracking and inventory management, the solution can inspect problems and ensure the compliance of food safety regulations. Track and Trace helps to:

  • Put in place processes to recall and manage food safety
  • Notify in case there is the danger of contamination of the service value chain
  • Choose high-risk processes as well as control points for continuous tracking for suppliers and product manufacturers
  • Track all movements of products in the food service chain leveraging a robust order management system
  • Confirm that partners pass along information to other partners in the supply chain and get a complete picture of supplier relationship management
  • Integrate data for it to improve and harmonize with existing IT investments and processes.
  • Monitor for noncompliance with HACCP, GMP, etc.
  • Offer solutions based on exceptions and alerts using HCL’s CXO dashboard.

HCL’s Track and Trace solution is now available as a cloud-based program. The solution leverages Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform and is accessible through a subscription-based model. Moreover, the solution can also be accessed as a mobile extension application. The primary advantage of the solution is that its users can get a clear visualization of the entire inter-enterprise food service chain.


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