Mappin Simplifying Integration for Retailers | HCLTech



Most companies consider supply chains as strategic assets and feel that they help outperform their peers. But, with evolving customer expectations, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. Several challenges are witnessed as trading partners are integrated with retailers. During this B2B integration, the trading partners need to be on-boarded without loss of time. As companies try to map the essential documents they realize that it is a tedious process. Manual mapping of the data files is time-consuming, complex, and error-prone. It constitutes almost 40% of the integration efforts.

HCLTech offers a one-stop solution for simplified partner integration, Mappin, which helps retailers overcome the aforesaid roadblocks. Mappin is a robust browser-based tool which automates the process of creating the Mapping Requirement Sheet (MRS), required to deploy the Sterling Integrator. Not only does it reduces the TCO of the Sterling Integrator but also helps create a validated MRS document which maps data between trading partners in a simplified way. Mappin reduces the time and effort taken by the retailer to create the MRS. 

Mappin comes with functionalities such as the workflow mechanism which lowers the supply chain process time considerably. The “Ask a Question” discussion forum ensures timely responses from experts. With this solution, organizations stand to gain from auto mapping which is based on the existing reference MRS, smart mapping through inbuilt intelligent algorithms, better management of cross-referencing relationships, data validation, generation of test data and revision and version management. Clients can expect 30 to 40% cost savings, quicker MRS creation, lesser iterations, and finally, faster partner on-boarding.