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MyStore Dashboard


Physical stores present a big opportunity for retailers to connect with shoppers in a profitable manner. Despite the growing importance of e-commerce and m-commerce, the brick-and-mortar store continues to play a critical role. As the consumers’ demands continue to evolve, the retailers’ to-do-lists keeps growing. Apart from empowering employees, retailers are also considering testing and rolling-out new technology. In the present scenario, businesses stand to gain from melding e-commerce with brick and mortar. 

HCLTech helps retailers devise new strategies which drive profitability, optimize merchandising and the store operations, and weave success stories. We have established MyStore Dashboard, a solution which provides real-time IT and business monitoring capability. The solution helps the store management team to obtain actionable insights. MyStore Dashboard can be used to monitor the health of PoS peripherals and terminals, applications, servers, wireless interfaces and devices, and LAN/WAN. This minimizes the chances of business disruption owing to failure in IT infrastructure. 

Additionally, HCLTech’s MyStore Dashboard provides real-time information on the following:

  • Business Alerts on exceptions in day-to-day store operations
  • Running information to track the performance of the store
  • Store’s business KPIs which facilitates strategic decisions/actions and realization of business goals/targets