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Vendor Audit and Compliance


A sturdy and well-controlled supply chain is necessary to ensure that all consumer segments are served and service and product quality do not suffer, especially for retailers. The supply chain can be managed effectively by making sure that quality checks and compliance processes are in place. A large number of retailers overlook that a functional vendor compliance program in any organization can aid in pinpointing and removing vendors that are underperforming.

Vendor Audit and Compliance (VACE) can assist retailers in making note of exceptions, reporting failures to business partners, and improving the productivity of the supply chain. HCLTech VACE is an end-to-end vendor compliance engine that includes features and qualities missing in most well-known ERP systems. VACE allows retailers to obtain a better picture of how their vendors are performing vis-à-vis supply guidelines and enables the retailers to gauge vendor performance and penalize those that are creating impediments in the supply chain. The vendor compliance engine can also act as a single source of truth for all compliance-related data.

VACE helps retailers in:

Decision-making: VACE amalgamates the data on vendor performance with the retailer’s decision-making. 
Penalizing vendors: VACE calculates the charge-backs on violations by vendors and sends them to the finance and control (FI) systems. 
Partner performance management: VACE-generated reports and insights can help retailers approach vendors for process and operations enhancement. This helps in improving the supply chain performance. 
Transparency in operations: Charge-back reports can be sent to vendors in order to improve transparency. 
Collaboration: Vendors can be notified of charge-backs and other deductions in a more proactive manner.