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Why HCL is the Right Partner for your Business

iMROHCL’s iMRO® solution is our proprietary, SAP-endorsed industry solution add-on for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO). It is an SAP complimentary software product which extends SAP ERP MRO for any company that maintains complex, expensive and regulated assets, such as in the transportation, hi-tech, energy or aerospace industries. iMRO® enhances the SAP user interface to meet industry requirements in the areas of maintenance engineering, planning and operations.

iMRO® is the ERP maintenance add-on solution, endorsed by SAP, for these demanding and complicated industry verticals. HCL draws on 17 years of experience with SAP at over 100 customer sites covering aviation, aerospace and complex asset management solution and maintenance.

Client Challenges

  • Organizations that inspect and maintain complex assets require a user friendly tool to manage maintenance records electronically and capture maintenance and inspection requirements and results under regulatory controls.
  • Shop floor technicians in repair centers, line/field stations and depots need access to many sources of information to make the best decisions and understand repair instructions and requirements.
  • SAP is the de facto industry standard for aerospace and aviation maintenance, however, it can be costly and time-intensive to implement.

iMRO® Maintenance Process Improvements

Maintenance Engineering
Provides a workbench to manage modifications, tasks, embodiment rules and effectiveness of manufacturer engineering orders and regulatory body directives across an extensive fleet or asset base.

Asset Induction and Inspection
Workbench manages asset induction, paperwork, inspections, component removal, work-scoping and component disposal, including maintenance event packaging across planned and unplanned work, sale/service and revenue for third party maintenance providers, and integration to SAP for repair execution, outside service processing and as-maintained vs. as-allowed technical structure management.

Maintenance Work Execution
Front end tool for maintenance technicians, operators, and supervisors to carry out maintenance work in the shop. It includes access to maintenance manuals, work instructions and documentation, as well as user-friendly capture of labor and attendance, signature/stamp, progress, serial number confirmations, inspection results, defects, work order changes and comments.

Expediting, Sourcing and Exchange
Material expediting and shortage reporting based on predictive analysis. Work in process tracking and prioritization following lean practices. Rules-based sourcing engine allocates parts in stock, internal or external repair, or installed on another asset, to open demands or shortages based on location, condition, ownership, operating life, and more.

Aircraft Flight Schedule and Logbook
Flight schedule database to track commercial flights, with integration to SAPs defense solution, including regular maintenance requirements, aircraft availability and integration of flight schedule to maintenance planning (e.g. calculation of short term maintenance limits and intervals based on planned flights). Aircraft logbook front end to quickly capture flight details, turn around requirements, defects and corrective actions taken or parts used.

Maintenance Demand Planning
Graphical tools to manage maintenance demand over short and long term horizon including planned, unplanned and third party maintenance demands, as well as work in progress or deferred work, taking into account available resources and capacity leveling, across your maintenance supply chain network. Integration of balanced maintenance demand with aircraft flight schedule, available facilities and competencies and material forecasts and requirements.

Project Planning
Graphical tool to manage complex maintenance projects in SAP such as heavy aircraft checks or overhauls, plant shutdowns, and more. Fully integrated with SAP’s project system

Fleet Management Portal
Web based application to track fleet assets including maintenance in progress, due and outstanding, upcoming limits and operating conditions and counters, as well as ability to enter defects and corrective repairs carried out.

Vehicle Fleet Maintenance
Vehicle fleet maintenance and management system to track vehicle fleets including user-friendly maintenance shop work order management, service bulletin management and vehicle maintenance reporting standards (VMRS) industry codes

Mobile Enterprise Asset Management
Mobile asset maintenance solution based on SAP NetWeaver Mobile 71 with user friendly and flexible front-end to perform field and line equipment inspections, repairs and equipment inventory updates

Business Benefits

  • Reduced time, cost, and risk to implement and use SAP for maintenance technicians in all complex asset industries
  • Reduced process and turn-time variability and improved planning and scheduling
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Enhanced user interface and extended industry-specific functionality to improve user productivity and leverage best-practices
  • Quicker and more accurate billing and better cost and profitability visibility for external contracts including fleet management agreements with performance-based pricing

Join us at SAPPHIRE in Orlando, meet our industry experts, and put our experience and insight to work for you.

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.