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SAP Cost Reduction

The current rate of technological change is faster than at any previous point in history. Mobility, social media, cloud and analytics are leading the movement to this digital era of technology, driving companies to rethink their traditional approach to business and IT.

Client Challenges

As market forces change the way we do business, the way companies spend on IT is also changing. Traditional businesses need to invest in emerging technologies in order to compete with companies that were born digital. The problem is that they are already spending the bulk of their IT budgets on traditional IT services, with little leftover to shift to new technologies. Most companies cannot simply increase their IT budgets to make room for additional spend on new technologies, which means the transition to emerging technologies is dependent on being able to significantly reduce the expenditure on traditional ‘systems of record’ like legacy SAP in order to reinvest the savings in new digital technologies.

Our SAP Cost Reduction Solutions

HCL offers several next generation solutions designed to help manage and reduce the costs of SAP investments so businesses can focus more of their IT budgets on the digital technology requirements of the future.

Global Deployment

We are a global leader in multi-country SAP deployments, utilizing our proven delivery model to help reduce deployment costs by up to 25% compared to most traditional models. Traditional delivery methodologies often result in budget over-runs, major delays, loss of control due to regional requirements, and lack of acceptance of the corporate template. HCL’s alternative approach leverages a flexible global template and maximizes the use of our offshore Centers of Excellence to provide localized support. We also invest heavily in the global design phase to minimize deployment conflicts later, and provide industry-leading tools and accelerators.

Learn more about reducing the costs of your global SAP deployment.

Video Webinar

HCL's Global Deployment VideoHCL’s Global Deployment


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HCL’s Global Deployment Webinar

SAP Instance Consolidation

Many businesses running SAP today operate from a very fragmented SAP landscape. According to research conducted by HCL, most organizations have multiple productive SAP instances, and 44% of them are running at least one version of 4.7 or older, systems which are no longer supported by SAP. Running multiple systems, some of which require significant support and maintenance from the company’s own IT department, is costly and inefficient. Consolidating multiple SAP instances to a single global instance can deliver 25-30% operational cost reductions.

Simultaneously, a consolidated SAP footprint improves process quality, data accuracy and operational synergies, while also positioning the environment for a low cost migration to Suite on HANA. Our approach to instance consolidation offers a differentiated process that focuses on business benefits, a functional use analysis to remove un-used elements of the landscape, and a return to ‘vanilla’ SAP to eliminate complex custom developments and high points of failure.

Learn more about our proven approach and how we can help you realize a more efficient SAP landscape.


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HCL’s Instance Consolidation


Participate in our research and benchmark your company’s SAP landscape against your industry peers. We will send you a personalized report on the savings and efficiencies you may be able to gain through instance consolidation. Visit our Future of SAP microsite.

SAP Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Let us streamline your SAP landscape. Many of our clients have benefited from understanding their SAP Minimum Viable Product – the most efficient, cost-effective SAP landscape possible for their business. To support them in this objective we have developed a new tool called HCL Insight+ for SAP™. This tool helps us to understand the client’s existing system at a detailed level, including custom programs, transactions, reports, master data and document types that may not even be used anymore. HCL Insight+ for SAP™ provides a digestible analysis of the data gathered, allowing us to answer critical questions about where and how the system can be simplified. It helps us identify opportunities to consolidate and optimize where needed, reduce users and maintenance fees, and replace unnecessary customization with standard SAP. We leverage SAP best practices and ensure that the SAP Minimum Viable Product will support current and future business models in the most efficient manner possible.

Business Benefits

Our SAP cost reduction solutions are the answer to the dilemma of how to invest in the new technologies needed to bring businesses into the digital age while still maintaining the necessary systems of record that keep the company running. HCL can drive cost reduction by right-sizing, rebalancing and refreshing our clients’ SAP investments, helping to achieve the SAP minimal viable product and move the business forward through investment in digital technologies.

Our Success Speaks for Itself

Join us at SAPPHIRE in Orlando, meet our industry experts, and put our experience and insight to work for you.

Let’s Talk Core SAP!

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Global Deployment
Global Deployment
Accelerate Business Value With SAP Instance Consolidation
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.