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Service Integration & Management


Buyers of global services typically embark on the sourcing journey with a single provider model. As they grow more comfortable with the sourcing initiatives, they shift from Gen 1.0 outsourcing to Gen 2.0 where the CIOs prefer to engage with a few strategic providers with flexible and transparent contracts. With the Gen 3.0, two trends have emerged – an increased acceptance of niche cloud providers and growing automation and commoditization of ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing) service towers. As the IT outsourcing buyers continue to deal with an increasing number of IT service providers, they witness several challenges. Managing the vendor landscape has become complex and they have to drive higher accountability across the service providers while ensuring that the providers are aligned towards the business objectives.

Increasing complexity drives IT outsourcing buyers to take another look at their Service Integration and Management strategy. HCL will help you to assess the right SIAM model. The two-fold approach of HCL’s SIAM model helps enterprises to overcome the challenges in the service landscape. The HCL SIAM model ensures conducive conditions for right collaboration by aligning the ecosystem to the customer. The solution drives strategic innovation and collaboration in the ecosystem while maintaining competitive tension. Additionally, an industrialized “service bus” is created, which puts a strong process framework in place for integration of different IT services and provides greater visibility into operational data for problem resolution. This, in turn, ensures better accountability, trust, transparency, and effective performance management in the ecosystem while establishing a collaborative ethos.

Embark on your SIAM engagement with HCL’s Service Integration and Management Gold Blue Print, an operating platform for service management. As you shift towards Gen 3.0 and adopt HCL’s SIAM framework you will stand to gain from increased efficiency brought about by process transformation, easy adaptation to hybrid cloud models, and a greater synergy in supplier management.

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