A Change and Configuration Management (CCM) system is an essential part of almost any effective software development project. It can provide solutions to different challenges faced by the many roles in a development team. These roles include software engineers, developers, project leaders, release engineers, process engineers, engineering managers, and even engineering executives. ​

Provide controlled, flexible access to software assets while adhering to internal and external methodologies, processes and regulations. HCL change and configuration management software supports a wide variety of deployment models for local or globally distributed teams, providing a simple process model as well a highly customizable options.

Our Solutions


HCL Prism

Balancing development flexibility with effective control of software and hardware assets. Help your organization meet compliance requirements with minimal administrative work.

  • Increase productivity
  • Delivery high-quality code
  • Maintain development flexibility
  • Scale to business needs

HCL Spectrum

Change management software for enterprise-level scaling, process customization and control to accelerate project delivery and increase developer productivity.

  • Improve project visibility and control
  • Speed software delivery and improve software quality
  • Simplify compliance
  • Scale to business needs


The HCL Support organization has expertise to provide you with quality responsive software support. We can help maximize the value of your software investment by providing comprehensive technical support and updates for software products. Find the latest information on products and servers, submitting tickets, and joining communities on our support portal.