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Enable deeper analytics from the gateway edge to cloud with high performance, reliability, ease of use and low cost of ownership.

HCL Informix® is a secure embeddable database, optimized for OLTP, IoT and is forging new frontiers with its unique ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, and time series data. Reliability, flexibility, ease of use, and low total cost of ownership makes Informix the best in class enterprise database available in the market.

Whether you are looking for help maximizing your daily business activities with efficient operational analytics, deploying applications to the private or public cloud, working with sensor or meter data, or just looking to increase your productivity and usability –  Informix brings you a cost-effective, powerful solution that addresses all your data management requirements. Read the brochure.

*Informix is a trademark of IBM Corporation in at least one jurisdiction and is used under license.

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Our enterprise-class database is now offered in a flexible, scalable, cost-effective manner in the cloud. HCL Informix on cloud offers the complete features of Informix on-premise deployments without the complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure. Manage:

  • Traditional relational databases
  • Object-relational databases
  • Dimensional databases

Internet of Things


HCL Informix has zero administration, high availability and reliability, an extremely small footprint and autonomous capabilities that dynamically configure the instance based on solution needs – making it an ideal database for deep embed into IoT devices. It works as an analytics foundation handling many data types:

  • TimeSeries
  • Geo-spatial
  • SQL and NoSQL

Warehouse Accelerator


HCL Informix Warehouse Accelerator (IWA) is used to improve the performance of warehouse queries. For such workloads IWA typically can achieve a query acceleration of 10 - 100 times faster than running the workload within the HCL Informix database server. Meet the demand of the Next-gen enterprise:

  • Analytics
  • Edge
  • Cloud

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Lab Services

HCL offers a variety of Lab Services for Informix to help you get the most out of your deployments. For further information or to get started, please email us at products-info@hcl.com

Priority Support Services

Priority handling of *HCL Informix support issues above and beyond the standard support process on a monthly subscription basis.

Premium Advisory Services

Onsite and online advisory services to customers and partners on time and material basis to get optimal utilization and throughput.

Deployment Acceleration

Deploy your solution quicker with assistance in training, up and running, configuration, design and implementation.

Partner Acceleration

Joint asset programs and go-to-market programs provide incentives for solution providers to address specific use case scenarios with a holistic solution stack.


Enablement services include but is not limited to training, certification, boot camps, Proof of Concepts (PoC), and Proof of Technology (PoT) engagements for customers, ISV partners, business partners, and IoT partners alike.

HA Design and Cloud Backup

Design, implementation, and setup of High Availability (HA) and disaster recovery solutions in the cloud or for on-premise Informix database instances.


*Priority handling of IBM Informix support issues is also available for IBM Informix clients provided that IBM Subscription and Support (IBM S&S) for IBM Informix is in place.


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