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HCL Workload Automation enables organizations to gain complete visibility and control over attended and unattended workloads. From a single point of control, it supports multiple platforms, provides advanced integration with enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce, and offers over 35 out-of-the-box plugins including plugins for FTP and Hadoop activities. For more information, contact HWAinfo@hcl.com.


Watch how HCL Workload Automation increases productivity and governance for enterprise business critical workloads, reduce operating costs and deploy new services faster.

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Why HCL Workload Automation is the best solution in the Workload Automation Market ?

How HCL Workload Automation can help to accelerate your business? At the centre of your business, data, and applications, HCL Workload Automation simplifies and automates diverse batch application workloads, improves SLAs, and accelerates application deployment saving time effort and costs

Hybrid Workload Automation through a single point of control

Single point of control to monitor workloads managed by hybrid environments anytime, from anywhere

Why you should manage cloud resources as an integral part of your business workflow

Modern and intuitive web-based user interface

A modern and intuitive web interface, the main access point to automate and orchestrate workloads.

Dynamic Workload Console Graphical Views Revamped It’s not just an extreme makeover! Introducing a new and intuitive graphical view of Dynamic Workload Console

Workload Automation components in containers

Build and integrate your agent image in application Docker containers to simplify Environment Management

Docker Agent for Workload Scheduler Can your Workload Agent be ready Whenever, Wherever? Yes, it can…with Docker!

Intelligent Automation

Learn and Optimize with SLA Management and use the What-If Analysis to check the impact of planned and unplanned events

Be prepared to the unpredictable, with Workload Automation what-if analysis Enhanced what-If predictive analytics for workloads
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HCL Workload Automation for BIG DATA

Automate and accelerate your big data project with Hadoop ecosystem integration

HCL Workload Automation DevOps Capabilities

Enable DevOps collaboration for faster application change and deployment cycle times

Deploying Applications with the Workload Automation plug-in for IBM urbanCode Deploy Fast lifecycle management of workflow definitions

Business integration hub to bring relief in complex processes

Easily integrate any application workload, with +35 Out of the box integrations and use APIs (REST, SOAP, java...)

New ways to implement your processes Driving Workload Scheduler with Rest APIs is super simple with the Swagger UI!
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All-inclusive pricing and hybrid deployment models

Not only an extensive set of capabilities but also the best offering & pricing in the market

Agent Upgrade with minimal disruption

Say goodbye to downtime during the upgrade of agents with HCL Workload Automation agent upgrade with minimal scheduling disruption

Zero Downtime Upgrade = 100% Business as Usual


The Agent for z/OS represents a lightweight solution to schedule jobs and monitor workload in the distributed Environment with z/OS system. You can use the agent for z/OS to schedule work from HCL Workload Automation on the JES2 or JES3 subsystem of z/OS.

A Smart Way to Schedule from HCL Workload Automation to z/OS System Workload Scheduler Distributed Agent for z/OS

AWS Marketplace


HCL Workload Automation to respond to the growing request to make automation opportunities more accessible, HCL Workload Automation is now offered on the Amazon Web Services cloud. Choose the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for HCL Workload Automation that better meets your business needs and within just a few minutes, you can easily launch an instance to deploy an HCL Workload Automation server with full on-premises capabilities on AWS.

HCL Workload Automation on AWS improves flexibility and scalability of your automation environment. It helps in lowering costs and eliminating complexity, while reducing the operational overhead and the burden involved in managing your own infrastructure, so you can invest your time and resources in growing your business. Also, HCL Workload Automation on AWS delivers faster access to managed services solutions, for a full product lifecycle management.

The HCL Workload Automation on Amazon Web Services offering includes two different Amazon Machine Images (AMI) to better suit the needs of your organization:

Getting Started

After you have subscribed to HCL Workload Automation (BYOL) in the AWS Marketplace, launch the AMI to a have a full running environment.The HCL Workload Automation on AWS offering includes two different AMI(s) to better suit the needs of your organization:

  • Full-stack AMI. When your instance is created it provides you with the full product stack included an IBM DB2 installation.
  • Stack for Oracle or Informix database. When your instance is created, log in to the machine and run the required steps to configure Workload Automation to connect to a remote Oracle or Informix database. You do not need to execute anything special, just pass the required parameters to the documented script. To start using HCL Workload Automation contact us: HWAinfo@hcl.com ).
Managing your server

HWA is initially configured to interact with clients using the DB2, and REST protocols and to run with a small bufferpool on a single CPU VP. If you've ordered a larger EC2 type and want to get more power from Informix please consider increasing the number of CPU VPs as well as the bufferpool.

  1. How can I configure a master domain manager?
    To instantiate and configure a master domain manager, complete the steps described in this section of "HCL Workload Automation documentation" ( https://bit.ly/2K2ry31 ).
  2. How can I configure a backup domain manager?
    To instantiate and configure a backup domain manager, complete the steps described in this section of "HCL Workload Automation documentation" ( https://bit.ly/2wiXEWl ).
  3. How can I create a custom AMI starting from the AMI provided on AWS?
    To create a custom AMI complete the steps described in this section of "HCL Workload Automation documentation" ( https://bit.ly/2IjZjjs ).
  4. How can I configure my environment for a remote Oracle or Informix Database?
    To configure your environment for a remote Oracle or Informix Database, complete the following steps described in this section of "HCL Workload Automation documentation" ( https://bit.ly/2I0HkuS ).
  5. How can I install, update, and uninstall agents?
    To install, update, and uninstall agents, complete the following steps described in this section of "HCL Workload Automation documentation" ( https://bit.ly/2wiYpi9 ).
  6. How can I configure custom certificates?
    To configure custom certificates, complete the following steps described in this section of "HCL Workload Automation documentation" ( https://bit.ly/2KGeSAl ).
  7. How can I use commands and scripts?
    See details about configuration commands and scripts in this section of "HCL Workload Automation documentation" ( https://bit.ly/2FS2idq ).
  8. What does the HCL Workload Automation license include?
    The HCL Workload Automation license includes the following components: Master Domain Manager, Backup Domain Manager, Dynamic Workload Console. For further information, contact: ( HWAinfo@hcl.com ).
  9. What are my licensing options for HCL Workload Automation on AWS?
    Customers can bring their own license (BYOL), subject to utilize license you have already purchased from HCL. To learn more about purchasing HCL Workload Automation license, contact: ( HWAinfo@hcl.com ).
  10. What is BYOL?
    BYOL, or “bring your own license,” is the process you can use to deploy software that you’ve previously licensed on physically dedicated AWS hardware. If you BYOL, you do not pay for instances with licensing included in the cost. Instead you pay the same rate as EC2 instances with Amazon Linux pricing. When you BYOL, you are responsible for managing your own licenses, but Amazon EC2 has features that help you maintain license compliance throughout the lifecycle of your licenses, such as Instance Affinity and targeted placement available through Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts.

    Bring licenses to AWS the customers could:

    • Take advantage of the efficiencies of the cloud while still purchasing perpetual licenses
    • Extend the lifecycle of your software without additional hardware costs
    • Expedite your migration to the cloud by using existing virtual machine images
  11. How can I purchase a license for HCL Workload Automation?
    To learn more about purchasing HCL Workload Automation license, contact: ( HWAinfo@hcl.com ).

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