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HCL Technologies

Success Stories

1. One of the world’s most famous arenas

Next Gen App for in-Arena

  • Enhanced In-Arena Experience through App that helps fans – watch, cheer, play and share  - use of timeline
  • Other features include – ticketless entry, live stats, in-arena friend connect, mCommerce, quick replays, social sharing, etc.

Value delivered:  Hybrid, that combines and in a new way to provide fans with innovative out of game pre-game and post-game touching new boundaries of audience development.

2. The third largest multi-sport event in the world

Communication and Centre setup

  • Responsible for the complete operations and management of communication infrastructure  that connected NOC, DR, 14 Games Venues, 6 Non-competition venues, 16 Training venues, and 5 beauty spots
  • Collaboration with national telecom provider to provide broadcast network infrastructure and telecom services to the Games personals, officials, and media people
  • Project involved Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and making over the system to the national telecom provider

3. The world's largest operator of lotteries and one of the world's leading gaming solutions providers

Consumer Management

  • Designed, Developed, Maintain and Support engine for Lottery Operations, VLT products,  and Middleware Networking Products of  customer
  • Provided fully integrated Gaming engine with back office operations and accounting products

4. One of the largest global advertising and communications groups

Ad Sales Management

  • Developed a customized Campaign Management and Media Buying Platform, in 2 years to replace an lid ERP product.
  • SCRUM based development of modules like Contract Management, Media buying & optimization, Campaign Planning, Media Booking, Billing, Invoicing & Accounting receivables management, work flow management, etc.
  • Integration with external interfaces like BARB, Agresso using Biztalk, financial systems, etc.

5. Home and electronic retailing pioneer

Video Assets Management

  • Application to retrieve video assets from home grown MAM application, ability to edit and update into the repository. ,
  • Developed shopping application for iTV that allowed users to select live products and buy them using their television log-ins.

Value delivered: Web-based Media Asset Management solution that improvised Video asset search engine; complex e-commerce application for smartTV that gave client access to real-time analytics

6. British multinational hotels company

Global Operations Platform

  • Developed, redesigned, enhanced Web and mobile B2C sites for search, reservation and PCR loyalty applications providing a standard platform for global operations with support for multilingual transactions.
  • Developed Meeting and Event booking application for organization, extending HCL’s IP Event1o1
  • Improved search ranking of websites and reduced time to market for new brands. Achieved 100% automation of B2B and CRO Reservation interface System.

7. American national provider of social, local, and mobile marketing solutions

Self-Service advertising platform

  • Web based platform for employees and advertisers that allowed bundling of product and services and flexible pricing; leading to a more efficient and faster Order to Market cycle

Online Advertising Solution

  • A series of platform development for Online, Social and Mobile for Guaranteed Outcomes to advertisers; audience grown by 25%, engagement and outcome by about 15% leading to 30% growth of Digital revenue
  • Mobile Factory: Mobility CoE accelerated mobile offerings via multi-channel platforms, enhanced user experience  and performance

8. The largest live entertainment company

Multi-channel Commerce

  • Developed Promotional website catering to multiple market areas in the US enabling interface with multiple 3rd party systems - MusicToday for e-Commerce, Zeta mail for all real-time mails, etc.
  • Artist can publish, promote, sell event tickets and merchandising.
  • Users can upload their own photos and post messages about experiences, share the ride to the event, donations through music today site integration.

Ticket & Booking Mgmt

  • Tablet application for booking tickets online, complete with seat map, integration with social media to track friends attending the same event, etc.

9. Global leader in sports, fashion and media business

Talent management

  • Brand Management application for all athletes and artists that interfaces with 3rd party vendors and systems
  • Manage multiple applications for Training Academy, as well as supports Contract Management System
  • Developed Platform to launch social networking enabled web presence

Value delivered: Implemented framework to provide an integrated dashboard view of celebrity’s performance (based on transaction history as well as social buzz

10. American leading developer of lifestyle content for television and the Internet

Media Production & Distribution

  • Developed an interactive Scheduling application that would enable Client’s Sales staff to preview the scheduled programs and show it to receivers.
  • Maintaining and enhancing the Distribution Service that is responsible for delivering video files to partners.
  • Developing the international inventory project that helps staff to understand what content is available for distribution to its partners as well as providing tolis for management of the international contracts and orders for specific content.

11. The fourth largest multinational British music recording and publishing company

Rights management

  • Establish the Global Rights management Platform, process and associated system, design and implement the  processes and systems to support Sync & Licensing operations
  • Brand New Digital Marketing Strategies for 10-unique consumer touch point for promotion and campaign management

Artist Launch and Development

  • Developed a brand new Artist Launch and Development Process/ Platform, focusing on Social, Mobile and Digital Presence, Fan Connect, Self Service, Merchandize and Touring for maximizing Artist outcomes

Value delivered: 15% improvement in right exploitation, improved Artist engagement, $5M saving on consumer insight survey saving on consumer insight survey

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.