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HCL's Billing Support Services

HCL's Billing Support Services

The Client

The Client is the largest communications service provider in the United Kingdom. With USD 40.15 billion revenue and operations in more than 170 countries, the Client is the dominant fixed line telecommunications & broadband Internet provider in the UK.

Business Need

The Client was aggressive in providing timely support to their constantly increasing customer base which is now over 28 million. With a large customer base, there was immense pressure to handle the huge inflow and cost of customer billing inquiries, disputes and complaints. The Client thus sought HCL's guidance and expertise to enhance business performance, improve operational efficiency and obtain significant cost savings.

HCL's Solution

HCL set up the help desk to cater to inbound billing inquiries, complaints and provisions. Within the help desk there are associates who work at different levels on PSTN Billing, Broadband Billing and Broadband Services. The inquiries mainly consisted of providing billing and payment support, calling features/ plans, handling customer complaints, claims, refunds and disputes, order fulfillment for customer premises equipment. The team also performed tasks to manage engineer appointments and took care of enquires regarding Line provisioning, and new offers based on customer requests. Apart from voice support, a team of associates also work on e-mail queries.

Help desk was initially established to improve service levels experienced in the Customer Service Channel between 17:00 and 20:00 hours (UK). Initially, the campaign included online support between these hours and then continued through the night supporting e-mail customer service activities. The team has since expanded from 60 to 1,500 associates in a span of four years to deliver contingency support throughout UK daytime hours and has started working on Sundays.

With HCL's efficient forecasting and scheduling methods, the Client was able to handle unexpected spike inflow of queries. HCL up-skilled the associates to resolve all types of billing inquiries. This resulted in delivery of additional capacity of 1,200 billing queries/day across all billing inquiry queues. As value-adds, associates indulge in up-selling activities like motivating the customer to shift to direct debit. HCL created a comprehensive knowledgebase to effectively resolve customer queries thereby consistently maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.

HCL was also involved in raising charges based on the scale of time that engineers spent in repair/ installation of phone lines, equipment etc. These charges reflected in the supplementary bills sent to customers. HCL handled planned & unplanned simple, medium & complex work types for both business and retails customers. The bills raised depended on various factors such as complexity of work type, skill set of the engineer, peak/ non-peak period, time spent onsite and also the spare parts replaced.

Business Benefits for the Client

HCL's experience and know-how helped the Client enhance productivity, improve the quality of service and ensured revenue assurance. The Client was thus benefited through:

  • Enhanced productivity and improved quality of service:
    • Customer experience scores – 95%
    • Improved operations productivity through reduction in Call Handling Time (CHT)a nd increased floor discipline
    • Improved FCR and reduced average Call Handling Time (CHT) by 25%
    • Reduced Turn-Around-Time (TAT) for billing disputes from 54 days to 3 days
  • Ensured revenue assurance through direct debit:
    • Increased enrolment for direct debit option
    • Debit card collections have increased to 4% from 2% of total contacts within 3 months
  • Identification of delays in bill processing system [cash flows] and process redesign helped minimize the Lead Time. This directly resulted in a backlog reduction from over 3000 cases to 500 cases. The Clients' process accuracy increased to 95% and the number of discrepancies were also reduced.

Financial Impact: Process improvement in a repairs billing campaign, resulted in over USD 14 million revenue released to the Client.


“We wanted to offer the same level of service to all our customers, regardless of the location of the delivery center. Be it in Noida, Doncaster or Newcastle, we wanted the same look and feel. With HCL, we felt confident about the management team; they have the passion to deliver and we wanted a supplier that was free to float and deliver quickly. We were not interested in dealing with an enormous conglomerate”
– Site Director, Client Relationship


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.