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Service Provisioning: HCL's Comprehensive Solution

Service Provisioning: HCL's Comprehensive Solution

The Client

The Client is one of the leading cable and telephony service providers in the US. A Fortune 500 company, the Client offers a full range of advanced communication services, including video, high-speed Internet and VoIP.

Business Need

The Client's business focus areas were to improve the end-to-end customer experience and increase customer loyalty; grow sales and retention for all their products and services; drive operating and capital effectiveness; and continue an opportunistic approach to enhancing liquidity, extending maturities, and reducing debt. Faced with huge backlogs of orders, the Client made a strategic decision to outsource end-to-end service provisioning activities in pursuit of enhanced business performance, improved operational efficiency and obtain significant cost savings.

The Client retained the first activity of the VoIP Telephony delivery cycle, Order taking and Quality check and sought HCL's guidance and expertise in delivering the next three critical processes of Service Provisioning cycle – Local Number Portability, Switch Provisioning and, Offshore Installation and Testing Support. HCL had to ensure prompt updates without backlogs, achieve high churn rate on the number of orders/ day, reduce error rates and cycle time in order processing and improve the overall Quality of Work.

HCL's Solution

HCL designed the transition plan to ensure that the Operations went live within the stipulated time. The engagement started with 10 associates and ramped up to 200 associates within a short span. The challenge of steep ramp-up was efficiently managed with a competent hiring process and a comprehensive training program. HCL deployed three separate teams for Switch Provisioning, Installation & Testing support, and Local Number Portability.

Based on the onsite orders, associates at HCL worked directly on the switch in the Gateway - activating/ deactivating certain services for the end-customer. Some of the service features provisioned by HCL's associates are Host Install, Port Install, Reconnects, Truck Roll Feature Changes, Non-pay downgrade and Disconnects. HCL handled multiple work order types ranging from simple to complex services.

The Installation and Testing team performed manifold tasks using a range of applications to install, provide and activate telephone service for the customer. While HCL did this remotely, a technician checked the provision at the customer's place. The course of action for the Number Portability team is to process requests received from CLECs (Competitive Local Exchange Carriers) to Port-out telephone numbers from Client's Switch and send confirmations to the CLECs to Port-In these telephone numbers in their Switch.

As part of the assurance to deliver results for the Client, HCL introduced stringent performance metrics to ensure that VoIP service provisioning operations meet or exceed the agreed service level targets.

Business Benefits for the Client

With HCL's help, the Client reduced the cycle time by 30% on orders processed. In addition, there was a vast improvement in the churn rate of orders processed. HCL's associates also increased the number of orders processed by 300% without compromising on the quality - consistently maintained above 98%.

As the Client expanded state-by-state, HCL added new markets and proved its ramp-up capability – HCL started servicing three states and is currently handling 19 states for service provisioning. HCL cross-trained a team of associates across processes, markets and order types which led to improved capacity and utilization. Through cross-training, HCL has helped the Client in sustained productivity, prevent revenue losses and at the same time increased its revenue.

Cross training resulted in:

  • Augmenting the knowledge level of the team
  • Compensate for sudden surge in specific types of orders / backlogs
  • Impact due to issues like absenteeism is overcome by this system

HCL's Operations team gave valuable suggestions and successfully steered the Client through a phase-by-phase seamless transition to new applications. The results brought immense appreciation from the Client.

Financial Impact : HCL brought in an annual savings of USD 400k and additional revenue of USD 300k to the Client through various quality and process improvements.


“Over the past 12 months, HCL has repeatedly been willing and able to pick up new order types or additional work on short notice so that we could continue to serve our customers in the best way possible”


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.