Contact-less solution for Pizza Delivery | HCLTech

With the advent of COVID-19 global spread, a leading pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States, noted a dip in spend pattern of the consumers – mostly attributed to the fear of virus spread through external contact during home delivery. Therefore, in the current scenario of COVID-19, where ‘Social Distancing’ has become a primary norm and the restrictive interactions with the consumers are driving the organization’s operations, the pizza chain expressed their interest in developing a solution prototype which can be implemented as a web app / native mobile app – thus enabling a mechanism of ‘No Touch’ with the consumers during the pizza delivery.

In an evolving need for the context of COVID-19, HCLTech partnered with the pizza chain to develop an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that included the conceptualization & implementation of the “No Contact” delivery feature on Web, Mobile Apps, Point of Sale (POS) terminals