Accelerating digital change with data automation and integration | HCLTech

A large international banking and financial services company that serves over 30 million customers in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia embarked on a strategic data transformation exercise with the objective of streamlining data integration across various business units and increasing data delivery productivity. Thus they began the journey of setting up the ‘AI Accelerator Program’ develop re-usable AI components like pre-trained models, ML libraries and solution recipes to accelerate time-to-market for AI driven financial solutions. Additionally, the company’s AI Centre of Excellence wanted to provide data scientists with a seamless experience to discover, experiment and deploy AI/ MLOps models.  However, they were facing a number of significant challenges.

HCLTech partnered with the client to undertake a significant data and analytics transformation with a focus on automating data operations and deploying AI models for cost optimization and regulatory compliance. It resulted in 8X increase in delivery productivity and 2X data was delivered in less than half the time at 25% cost. Download the case study to know more.