A F500 CPG company transforms IT operations through cognitive capabilities | HCL Case Study


Client Background:

The client is a CPG major with more than USD 65B in revenues specializing in a wide range of cleaning agents, personal care, and hygiene products.

Our Solution

We deployed DRYiCE Lucy, a cognitive virtual assistant which helped the client simplify and streamline the entire operational structure:

  • DRYiCE Lucy ingested unstructured data through sensing and interaction in all its forms and helped in supporting the ever-growing user base and improved response efficiency in the process
  • Enhanced user experience by generating hypotheses, considering arguments, and recommendations for the end users
  • Cognition transformed three major business functions, IT service desk, HR, and order management and streamlined how they operate and function
  • The scope of transformation was extended to more than 115k users with over 650,000 contacts per annum through the robust integration of more than 10 enterprise systems

Key Benefits

  • Massive cost saving via implementation of AI-driven cognitive virtual assistant technology
  • Over 40% reduction in incident resolution time
  • Improved response efficiency and cost control