A F500 US Manufacturer reduced server provisioning time from 21 days to 4 hours


Client Background:

The client is an engine manufacturing major with revenue of more than USD 20 Billion. The company manufactures and services engines and related equipment, including filtration and power-generation products. It also designs and distributes them to over 190 countries.

Our Solution:

The DRYiCE MyCloud service assurance platform helped in detecting cost spikes and providing deep visibility into cloud consumption. The platform helped automate its existing workflow, thus boosting the overall operational efficiency. The highlights of the solution included:

  • Automated cloud provisioning across hybrid environments. All five data centers which were operating in silos were integrated
  • Enabled ‘one-click catalog system’ for provisioning and decommissioning of IT assets. The new catalog provided the end user a shopping cart like experience, thereby delivering better customer satisfaction
  • Provided customizable and dynamic web-based user platform for accurate cost estimations and personalized reporting dashboards for both business users and IT staff

Impact Delivered

  • Average server provisioning time was brought down from 21 days to 4 hours
  • Enhanced customer experience and reduction in manual efforts
  • 100% automation for server deployment
  • Provided digital business-IT interface to plan, provision, customize, and de-provision
  • resources for the ease of users