Ten of our existing clients, who are headquartered in Europe and North America, migrated to DRYiCE XSM. These clients belonged to varied industries like – financial services, manufacturing, automobile, and construction.

The customers faced significant roadblocks in bolstering their service catalogues for IT/non-IT environments. Further, the firms lacked an automated process to discover their assets.

DRYiCE XSM was deployed to take end-to-end measures to resolve existing challenges. DRYiCE XaaS Service Management (XSM) is a next-generation, cloud native solution designed to manage the lifecycle of XaaS (“Everything” as a Service) delivery models, aggregating multiple catalogues to provide a single unified interface. DRYiCE XSM’s design encapsulates all four value streams of the IT4IT Value Chain:

  • Strategy to Portfolio
  • Requirement to Deploy
  • Request to Fulfill
  • Detect to Correct

DRYiCE XSM comprises of various technical modules:

  1. Incident Fix
  2. Notification Engine
  3. Assignment Engine
  4. Approval Engine
  5. SLA Engine
  6. Task Engine
  7. Investigation and Change
  8. Foundation Data Management
  9. Fulfilment Engine

The solution formed a single system of engagement for all entities in the service supply chain to aggregate and publish their services to a unified catalogue. DRYiCE XSM also harbours capabilities to track service transactions; fulfil and manage service delivery and usage; and seamlessly identify and resolve issues. It furnishes enterprise users with a collaboration portal to consume both IT and non IT services.

The all-inclusive solution helped manage service usage and delivery and seamlessly identify and resolve issues. It also helped enterprises provide users with a collaboration portal to consume both IT and non-IT services.

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