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Build system modernization reduces build time of a software product

HCL helped a global telecommunication company in build system modernization to help in reduction of a software product. Customer had a software product which was very huge and complex and also was a source of revenue for them. However, over the time, the product grew massive in both size and complexity. This started creating a lot of challenges for the customer. The most significant challenge being the build hours which had grown many folds, affecting productivity of developers and testers. HCL conducted an assessment exercise to identify the gaps/ errors in current process.

HCL proposed a solution in order to cater to customer’s needs by leveraging its rich experience in telecom vertical combined with DevOps solutions. HCL’s approach, in house AI based solution and end to end implementation helped to significantly reduce the build time for the software product. There was also a reduction in build failure rate and a recorded enhancement in developer productivity.