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Going the extra mile in Siebel CRM

Going the extra mile in Siebel CRM

Client: Wanted to evaluate how healthy its CRM applications were and what its customers experienced when they accessed them; HCL was engaged to enable it provide consistently well-performing applications for customer issue management & resolution across multiple channels. Through the years HCL has been providing Call Center solutions helping the bank isolate the root cause of problems and removing them before they impact customers and the bank's bottom line.

Challenges & Objectives

  • To develop a scalable, multi channel CRM solution for Customer Issue Management & Resolution
  • To provide a 360-degree view of customers for better control
  • Customizations in a highly complex environment in Japanese
  • Implementation in a foreign language (Japanese) and working through cultural barriers
  • Data & Process Consolidation - to unify disparate applications into Siebel
  • Data/ Application Integration - to streamline processes to reduce workload associated with investigation handling and automate issue tracking & escalation
  • To simplify information access/delivery through effective MIS
  • Migration to Siebel 2000 - seamless integration for uninterrupted business
  • Structured Change Management

The Solution

  • HCL has been the Siebel CRM partner for the bank at Japan since 2000.; Over 7 years, HCL has been involved in every facet of service related to Siebel CRM applications - implementing new modules, application consolidation, upgrade, application support & enhancements, and process re-engineering
  • HCL developed and established a scalable, multi-channel Customer Issue Management & Resolution system, to effectively manage and resolve customer issues. The system would enable a 360 degree view of the bank's customers, for better control. This involved working with several divisions including Telemarketing (Call Center), Credit Cards, Insurance, Loans, and Investments
  • Multiple projects included upgrading Siebel 98 to 2000; data consolidation; comprehensive MIS reporting; unifying various disparate applications into Siebel; integrating online web/portal interfaces with Siebel; reducing the workload associated with investigation handling by streamlining processes; automating the issue tracking and escalation process; developing a slew of modules for the bank's Divisions - capturing new customers, managing the insurance business, managing sales details on investments, managing Advance Money practices, and managing leads and opportunity tracking. HCL was also involved in the structured change management effort to help the bank accommodate to changes and help its people adapt to a new environment


Key benefits - seamless integration of systems for uninterrupted business; streamlined processes that strategically embrace a customer's entire experience - from issue notification to resolution; maximized performance due to reduced response times; and a 360 degree view of customers for better control.

HCL's critical role can be further seen in the following:

  • Expanded CRM Footprint - Consolidated multiple legacy applications into a common CRM platform; Unified sales and service functions; Today the application supports over 1500 users across multiple business units
  • Flexible Resourcing Models - Provided a stable core support team in the onsite-offshore model (10 members); Flexible team ramp-ups / ramp-downs for development - built around the core support team. (Peak strength: 35); Supported other HCL teams working on the bank's projects e.g. independent testing and validation, database tuning, process consulting, content management, etc
  • Specific Siebel Competency Center built for the bank - Built specific Siebel Center of Excellence; Ability to retain specific Siebel knowledge; Ability to leverage on the CoE to quickly ramp-up or handle resource rotation / movement
  • Application Performance Management - Improved application performance. E.g. improved application performance for 'Address Change Batch Process' from 1 day to less than 30 min; Impact analysis for application performance as part of all enhancements and development activities; Using available support hours for periodic performance tuning activities
  • Data Loads Automation - Automated regular data load processes; This has helped release 10% of support hours for other critical activities ;Data archival automation
  • Beyond Siebel Support - Implemented a complex password encryption module for the interfaces; Implemented the 'Read Audit' functionality in Siebel


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.