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A Partner Solution for Government Bringing Efficiency and Accuracy to Child Support Payments

A Partner Solution for Government Bringing Efficiency and Accuracy to Child Support Payments

Business Challenge

As per federal mandate, the Child Support Enforcement (CSE) divisions of State Welfare departments are responsible for ensuring that child support payments are received from the non-custodial parents and disbursed to the custodial parents within 48 hours of the receipt of the payments at the state’s collection center.

As such, caseworkers at state-run CSE divisions are responsible for processing thousands of payments that are received daily; handling large volumes of case files; performing reconciliation and deposit payments in the bank; identifying and associating each payment with the non-custodial parent and disbursing it to the custodial parents; and generating reports on these activities.

Among the major challenges faced by state CSE caseworkers is the inability to research non-custodial parents and past payment history. As the physical proof of payment is lost once deposited in the bank, the only way to reconcile a mismatch in the dollar amount is through a time-consuming process that involves manual corrections, which extends processing times well beyond agency guidelines.

Other challenges include the manual handling of large volumes of paper documents; handling of cash payments in various forms; generating receipts of the cash received for departments’ Partner Solution internal processing, and cash reconciliation; and the inability to easily access information from multiple data sources or locations.

To overcome these challenges, government agencies are demanding integrated, scalable and robust information systems that provide the necessary functionality and technology platforms to assist them in centralizing the collection and disbursement of child support payments.


HCL’s child support payment Collection and Distribution System (CDS) combines HCL’s proven track record in the delivery of cost-effective solutions that help government agencies manage increasing volumes of paper and electronic data combined with IBM’s robust Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite of products.

The solution is an integrated imaging and Web-based application designed to address, enhance and centralize state-wide collection and disbursement of child support payments. CDS not only streamlines and centralizes the entire process, but detects and processes any errors that may occur during the distribution and reconciliation process. The solution also generates an alert if personal checks have been returned in the past due to insufficient funds.

CDS satisfies government agency requirements for integrated, scalable and robust information systems through:

  • High-speed scanning that improves efficiency through automated data recognition (OCR and MICR);
  • Automated endorsing of instruments with date/time stamp and welfare department’s bank account number while the instruments are being scanned;
  • Secure collection of cash payments through automated Front Counter Cashiering component;
  • Generation of deposit slips for bank deposited payments with an ability to lookup, research and modify deposited payments at a later date;
  • Securing documents and all systems functions by assigning and managing the security rights of groups;
  • Ability to generate daily, monthly and ad hoc reports.

Value Proposition

HCL’s status as an IBM Software ValueNet Partner for more than 14 years has enabled the company to successfully implement solutions that leverage IBM’s ECM suite of products, such as CDS. For many state and local government agencies, including the Nevada Department of Human Resources’ State Collection and Disbursement Unit (SCaDU), which processes more than 450,000 child support payment documents each year.

With CDS, the SCaDU now benefits from:

  • State-of-the-Art Image Management – A 32-bit client/server imaging application enables large volumes of documents to be scanned and electronically endorsed with automatic OCR and MICR line indexing, making storage and retrieval of the documents both cost-effective and efficient;
  • Web Interface – Caseworkers have instant access to images of the instruments and supporting documents via the Web, reducing the time needed to match payments to corresponding cases;
  • Enhanced Audit Trails – Bank reconciliation, statistical and audit reports track the entire life cycle of the payment from the time it enters the system until it is archived;
  • Virtualization of the Paper Trail – Scanned and electronic documents free up valuable physical storage space;
  • Reduction of Manual Tasks – Scanning and automated data entry saves time and enables caseworkers to focus on more important assignments;
  • Automatic Updates – The payment model history is updated as payments are received and disbursed.

Partner Solution

  • Target Industries
    Local Government
    State Government
  • Business Application
    Child Support Payment
    Collection and Distribution System
  • Products
    IBM FileNet Business Process Manager
    IBM FileNet Capture Professional

Company Description

HCL AMERICA, INC. is a full service provider of IT consulting and software services to leading corporations and government clients worldwide. HCL leverages its local and offsite capabilities to create effective solutions for the client’s most challenging business problems.

For more information, please contact:

Vasu D. Srinivasan
+1 703 891 0394


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.