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Test Service Center

Test Service Center

Client: A large retail chain with more than 1575 stores across US and Canada.


Customer wanted to develop & enhance its internal discipline on Application Testing by developing a new business model that would help establish an end to end IV&VS capability that will focus on developing mature Testing capabilities & expertise along the way. Towards this goal customer wanted to align itself with a Service Provider who will bring in the best of breed Testing Capabilities & expertise including leading practices and help establish this discipline within its IT Organization.

The application has been developed in house and is used by more than 250,000 users and approx 1500 stores. The internal testing had the following challenges:


  • Customer was outsourcing Testing for the first time
  • Testing was limited to Unit/ System testing System & No Independent Testing teams to ensure end to end testing of applications
  • Lack of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Users responsibility in UAT is diluted
  • Maintenance release slippages
  • Poor Quality/ consistency of requirements management
  • Un-availability of system documentation
  • Lack of understanding of the requirements
  • Changes not fully tested before deployed
  • Defects are not documented clearly in Remedy
  • No Test Process and test repository in Place

HCL was involved in setting up a Testing Service Centre for Client’s to be the preferred Testing partner in a multi vendor development environment with the following approach:

  • Provide customer with immediate access to quality Certified testing resources with experience in testing of applications in retail industry and similar technologies.
  • In parallel a brief assessment phase which included HCL investment of the stated efforts that allowed HCL to understand the application portfolio.
  • Slowly migrate into an interim Test Service Model that will focus on building the framework, processes & ways of working methodologies and a supporting Governance Model that will set the basis for customer to bring together several testing projects covering all types of testing across several applications.
  • Move into a Controlled Development Phase where Test Service Center is now established & scale-able with single or multiple Service providers capable of provided fixed cost or predictable estimates for testing efforts involved across several or all development projects.
  • Proposed Standardization of Frameworks for Manual, Automation and Performance Testing for all projects executed under the TSC.
  • Proposed a 3 tier Metrics based model (Project/ Program/ Executive) to all stakeholders within customer’s IT Enterprise to closely monitor the accuracy of data collection and improve as we move forward in the engagement. Using the metrics based model ROI as a derivative of Cost of Quality (Prevention Cost + Appraisal Cost + Failure Cost) was proposed to measure ROI QoQ during the term of the engagement.

To be able to bring together this expertise across tools, process & retail domain understanding, HCL identified a core Testing Team that included the best of the above mentioned expertise to address current testing efforts and provide the leadership to enable the principles of Test Service Model for the long term.

Purpose of Client’s Testing Service Centre

Establish a "best in class" testing organization that uses shared processes and industry best practices across the testing lifecycle to:

  • Decrease cost of testing
  • Increase quality of testing
  • Accelerate speed of testing

Testing Service Centre

Areas of engagement and Value Added Service

Current Process Assessment

  • Assess all testing processes available
  • Process Implementation Levels

TSC Process Definition

  • Identify current process gap
  • Identify Process Improvement areas
  • Set Process Improvement Targets/ Goals Matrix
  • Define & Review TSC Process Models
  • Identify Key Metrics

Primary Process area Improvement which affects many processes

  • Test Reporting gaps fixed
  • Mandatory MoM & Action Tracking
  • Multi Vendor communication Channels defined

Foundation of Testing Centre Services

  • Consolidated and defined Organization level Testing Methodology with use of standard frameworks for Manual, Automation and Performance Testing for all projects under TSC

One of major initiative of Cost saving for client

  • No documentation available currently
  • Created complete application overviews
  • Voice recording of KT Sessions
  • Reverse KT to prove team capability and Signoff
  • Reuse recorded sessions and abridged KT sessions for new team members
  • 3 Tier Metrics (Project/ Program/ Executive) based model to calculate ROI QoQ


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.