Enabling business agility through data center network overhaul | HCLTech

The customer is a leading American multinational medical technology company operating in 190 countries. Business agility was impeded with a massive fragmented physical infrastructure with outmoded legacy systems.

Configuration and change management activities were error prone, and time and effort consuming. Poor visibility of the entire network infrastructure due to absence of a ‘single pane of glass’ and vendor lock-ins added to their challenges.

Download this case study to know how HCLTech’s Software Defined Networking Framework, Sensus resolved the problems.

Our network solution led to increased network agility, faster GTM, reduced capex and improved efficiency, network monitoring and troubleshooting

Read this case study to know more on

  • How HCLTech revamped the customer’s Network setup?
  • The key technology solution levers used by HCLTech
  • Details of the key business benefits mentioned above
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