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HCL Technologies

Global CPG enterprise reduces manual interventions by 50%

Global CPG enterprise reduces manual interventions by 50%

The client was striving to manage a complex portfolio of IT monitoring, management, and Automation tools with overlapping functionalities. Additionally, its slow and error-prone event management and resolution setup involved several manual steps.

HCL consolidated monitoring as part of its transformative initiative. Moreover, automatic ticketing was enabled. Data from various tools and systems was leveraged more efficiently. Additionally, key IT processes were automated.

DRYiCE consultants helped ‘reengineer’ the IT architecture, tools portfolio, and IT processes. DRYiCE modules for monitoring, ML, IT Process Automation, and analytics were deployed and integrated in phases. Customer IT staff was retrained to work in an automated environment.

There was a 50% reduction in manual intervention in key IT processes as well as increased visibility and levels of insight. IT CSAT also improved.