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Leadership Bytes

“At HCLT we carefully pursue every opportunity to dialogue with key partners such as Employees, Customers and Investors for identifying sustainability priorities. We believe this approach will help us embed sustainability values in every aspect of business activity in the long run”

- Anil Chanana, Chief Financial Officer

“Our engagement approach is multi dimensional. It encompasses identifying sustainability opportunities and implementing related activities through varying types, levels and frequency of interactions and span of control in the engagement and accountability.”

- Rahul Singh, President - HCL Business Services(BSERV)

“Our Employee First philosophy dismantles the traditional hierarchy in the system, empowers employees and builds a collaborative environment which facilitates new ideas, and possibilities of new ways to solve customer problems. Instead of a few leaders with all the answers, it is a much larger participation through innovation and problem solving leading to significantly larger unlocking of individual potential”

- Premkumar S, Senior Corporate Vice President & President-Financial Services & Healthcare

“Fostering the innovation DNA at every level in the organization is imperative to being successful as a business in recent times. We not only encourage Ideapreneurs but also enable them to think out of the box and work towards improving the business operations of our customers including their commitment towards a green tomorrow”

- GH Rao, Senior Corporate Vice President & Chief Customer Officer-ERS

“Our unconventional way of empowering employees has helped us continually push the boundaries of innovation and collaborate with customers to create solutions for business transformation and sustainability.”

- Rajiv Swarup, Senior Corporate Vice President & Chief Customer Officer - Strategic Accounts

“The term empowerment at HCLT is not about just creating participatory platforms for employees. It is about inverting the organizational pyramid and creating a culture of trust and transparency to instil belief in a shared purpose and transferring the responsibility for change”

- Shami Khorana, Senior Corporate Vice President

“We believe that the maximum value is created at the employees-customer interface. Therefore we empower our employees to generate delight for our customers; every step of the way. It is about the individual taking charge - proactively creating space for growth, expansion and enrichment.”

- Ram Krishna, Senior Corporate Vice President & Chief Delivery Officer

“At HCLT, we believe that unlearning what is learnt is a prerequisite in the journey to be a leader. It is about Ideapreneurs journey towards self-discovery of their passion and potential to succeed.”

- Dilip Kumar Srivastava, Corporate Vice President & Global HR Head

“Our approach to renew the eco system is incremental, and the first step we have undertaken is to conduct comprehensive audits to baseline the measurement of current consumption of resources, waste management, and employee health and safety considerations. We understand that there is a considerable connect between green building and employee health.”

- R.Vaidyanathan, Executive Corporate Vice President & Chief Cost Officer

“Integrating sustainability is essential for success in a world of constrained resources. We are committed to increase our investments in technology that will improve our operational efficiencies and unlock the opportunity to use clean and green energy. Water is fast becoming a scarce resource for us, and hence we will implement an integrated water and energy management approach.”

- Anant Gupta, President, HCL Comnet

“Whilst HCLT gains its relevance in the business ecosystem by the day, we understand that every action that we take today should have an underlying commitment and consideration of integrating sustainability. Thus renewing the eco system is a major driver for our Sustainability 10 by 20 strategy.”

- Virender Aggarwal, President Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East & Africa

“Social responsibility is not new to HCLT. Our commitment to make a positive difference is not about a one-off initiative but a sustained effort to make a visible change to people’s lives.”

- Sanjeev Nikore, Senior Corporate Vice President & President-Consumer Services & Manufacturing

“Our community outreach programs enthuse and enable everyone who is a member of HCLT to spend at least one day on community service. It is all about Ideapreneur’s experiencing community issues and leading the change.”

- Rajiv Sodhi, Senior Corporate Vice President & Chief Customer Officer- Consumer Services & Manufacturing

“Committed organizations should go beyond philanthropy for social upliftment. At HCLT, creating social value is at the very heart of conducting business. Communities in which we operate are important stakeholders for us and we believe that engaging them meaningfully is not only important for our business operations but also for the future generations.”
- V. Sriram, Senior Corporate Vice President & Chief Customer Offi cer – Financial Services
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.