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Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

Supply chains are becoming more fragmented and expanding across the globe. The recession has put immense pressure on the supply chains forcing companies to fully understand their transportation costs and find efficient solutions to gain competitive advantage. Without an efficient Transportation Management Solution (TMS) to centralize the supply chain and align its transportation network, a company's resources could be drained and its business momentum slowed. Business processes can't be scaled up to meet new initiatives due to limited visibility into the supply chain and in-transit shipments.

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) delivers robust transportation planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation - road, air, ocean, and rail shipments. Oracle Transportation Management has been integrated into the Oracle EBusiness Suite of applications to leverage Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). HCL believes that Oracle application customers with over $20 million in freight spend looking to enhance domestic or international transportation management capabilities should consider Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) for operational efficiencies. Apart from them, non-Oracle users seeking a robust solution for domestic or international transportation should also consider OTM especially if the system needs to be deployed to support multiple lines of business, geographies, or modes of transportation.

HCL has the experience of handling customers across Logistics, Auto, Retail & Transportation industries and helping them transform their supply chain into a value chain. This is achieved by the unique solutions, accelerators and integration adaptors on Oracle Transportation management, and ERP. With integrated services that help solve industry challenges across every aspect of the supply chain value chain, HCL is now the partner of choice for leading logistics service providers and retail companies globally!

HCL's Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) CoE has capabilities in deploying OTM applications on multiple platforms, developing pre-configured solutions for domain-specific requirements, and developing and utilizing tools based on Oracle applications for accelerated solution deployment. Highlights include:

  • An industry ready framework
    • Deep understanding of 3PL & Freight Forwarding industry
    • Technical expertise in the current integration issues with Oracle eBiz and OTM 5.5, JD Edwards and OTM 5.5
  • Client base of top Global Logistics providers
    • Address pain points of the industry
    • Provide solutions that go back into Oracle Product Development
  • Collaboration with Oracle Product development
    • Build Integration touch points between Oracle EBiz suite R 12 and OTM 5.5, JD Edwards and OTM 5.5
  • Oracle Partnership
    • USD 10 Million + license deal for Oracle in North America for 66 countries roll-out opportunity
    • Joint Sales drive with Oracle in the Americas and European Region

Unique Solution Offering

The increasing complexity in this current recessionary environment has led to the expansion in the scope of the TMS solution. The demands of the customer has increased manifold and the need to provide integrated solutions catering to all their niche requirements is what is driving the market now. Keeping this in mind, HCL has developed a unique solution for its customers.

HCL ServicesPlus Pack offers a customer a gamut of services in one capsule, enabling quicker on boarding to OTM applications and thereby quicker ROI. This pack offers integration adaptors & accelerators and unique plug in solutions which addresses niche transportation requirements. Using this pack, a customer will be able onboard OTM faster at a reduced cost. These operational cost savings generated are used to create business confidence and fund capital investments required in future.

HCL OTM ServicesPlus Pack offers the following to its customers:

  • Accelerated Implementation at a reduced cost
  • Xtended Solutions catering to the specific requirements of the customer
  • Integration with other SCM applications
  • Version Upgrades
    • Innovative Focused Solutions – OTM Lite – pre Configured web based micro vertical focused OTM solution
  • Global on site delivery and hosted model in a phased manner
  • Enhanced Business focused reports

OTM + HCL OTM ServicesPlus Pack ====> Accelerated Implementation + Cost Savings

HCL's Oracle Universe


OTM@HCL - A Snapshot

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.