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HCL Technologies

Organization Change Management (OCM)

Challenges We Address

A survey of Fortune 500 executives revealed that 67% of the ERP implementations did not realize full process and systems benefits due to a failure to address organizational change management issues.

According to Gartner, enterprises that fail to prepare and support their workforces for major and continuing organizational change will miss business objectives by at least 30% and will experience turnover rates of at least 20% annually for key knowledge and leadership workers.

Many other studies have also revealed this.

A very common theme among these failures is a lack of understanding the power of the collective human system to obstruct the progress of initiatives. The result has been to reinforce fear, defensiveness, and cynicism among employees toward change efforts. Over the long haul, a failure of change means that business strategies are not accomplished; resistance to change increases and the organization's survival is threatened.

The success or failure of any change initiative depends not only on the business demand and strategic decisions of the top management but also on attitudes, values, perceptions and beliefs of the people, and their active participation. In the change process, human aspects play a crucial role in ensuring that change actually happens.

HCL’s OCM Services

HCL helps organizations to plan, lead and manage the human side of implementing strategic change. We help clients create an environment for successful change through organizational change management services (OCM Services).

We partner with clients to design and implement their change strategies and actions and facilitate the quick realization of their business objectives. We provide the systematic architecture for leading and managing change based on scientific organizational change management principles, and we build a client’s capabilities to lead and manage change in both the short- and long-term.

We provide change management consulting for:

  • Large scale IT implementations
  • E Governance
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Our Change Management Track is comprehensive. In large scale change, ERP implementations such as SAP R/3, Oracle 11i, outsourcing, business process reengineering (BPR), mergers and acquisitions (M&A) run parallel to the large scale change implementation track. We generally recommend change management interventions for technology solutions / large scale change implementation that have initiatives spread across projects. The change management track is recommended in three phases:

  • Pre-implementation
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation

Change Management Methodology

What You Can Expect

HCL has managed change for global conglomerates.  Our methodology is comprehensive and in real time. These are the stages:

  • Preparation - Understanding the organization and its change Initiative
  • Building the foundation and leveraging commitment - Deploying a comprehensive set of interventions to ensure buy-in from all levels of the organization. This buy-in begins with leadership engagement and follows with the change management (CM) network set up within the organization by informal leaders cutting across hierarchies and functional silos.
  • Building change management and system competency - Building the organization’s capability to handle change, through formal and informal training and communications. Interventions involve support and technical training on the new system.
  • Performance management and resource deployment - Assisting the organization in setting up performance parameters to ensure productivity in the new business scenario, as well as ensure staff redeployment and the retention of key performers.
  • Real time change strategy – Deploying a dynamic change strategy with regular inputs from the CM network, and surveys and business analysis with SMEs.
  • Communication track – Deploying a systematic and dynamic communication track to keep the organization well informed of the various aspects of the change project.
  • Sustenance track and post implementation sustenance – Deploying a series of interventions to sustain the change initiative and the change itself, during and after the initiative.

Best Practices

  • The CM approach is customized to the nature of the project and the prevailing organizational context
  • Early identification and timely involvement of various stakeholders across the organization
  • Periodic risk assignment and careful diagnosis of real time inputs
  • Continuous feedback mechanism for proactive course correction
  • Involving stakeholders and taking their inputs before drawing exhaustive communication plans
  • Handholding exercises with stakeholders for a smoother transition
  • Mechanisms for post implementation sustenance of Organisational change management services (OCM services)

Benefits to our clients

  • Smooth transitions
  • Un-impacted employee morale
  • Employees skilled and ready for the change
  • Retention of key performers
  • Quick attainment of business objectives
  • Synergistic relationships
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.