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Transformational Change

Companies today are under significant pressure. They need to sustain or improve competitive advantage while simultaneously reducing costs. They need to improve service provision without adversely impacting costs. They need to respond rapidly and effectively to changing customer demands. They need to be able to adapt their processes and ways of working to meet new opportunities in the market-place, without impacting existing service delivery. And they need to deliver benefits to their internal and external stakeholders while doing all of that.

In short, companies need to be flexible, adaptable and quick to change; able to transform themselves whatever their size and whatever their industry sector. This means that structured management of change is essential if companies are to going to deliver those changes successfully. But managing change is one of the most complex and difficult activities facing businesses today.

Our Point of View

Based on experience, HCL knows that successful change is brought about only when the business is truly engaged and owns any large-scale change initiative. To help achieve this, our world class Transformational Change Capability works with clients to quantify outcomes and benefits. We then underpin these with pragmatic and action-oriented plans to ensure change is achieved and sustained in the organisation.

HCL’s Transformational Change Capability is:

  • Integrated – working in synergy with other programme workstreams whilst maintaining business as usual
  • Outcome driven - our goal is ‘no surprises’ and effort is focused on achieving key benefits
  • Pragmatic – planned to suit our client’s business – agile, scalable and innovative
  • Focused – effort is focused where it is needed, driven from a clear understanding of Change Impacts, Project Outcomes and Benefits


Our experts have delivered projects that range from large-scale ERP-enabled Transformational change for global organisations (using SAP, Oracle and other platforms), to small-scale inter-departmental leadership development projects. We focus on delivering a holistic and structured approach to managing change that encompasses the four key specialist areas of Integrated Change, Organisation Design, Stakeholder and Communications and Learning and Development.

  • Integrated Change ensures that the impacts of the change on programme outcomes, and the business as a whole, are understood and mitigated. This allows correct focus of effort and drives predictable outcomes.
  • Organisational Design creates an optimal-sized, efficient, well structured organisation with clear roles and responsibilities defined. The organisation structure supports the Target Operating Model and works in synergy with the overall business vision.
  • Stakeholder and Communications delivers broad support for the change at all levels of the business. Business Leaders provide sponsorship, Managers take ownership of enabling and embedding change and staff understand and conform to new processes and behaviours.
  • Learning and Development ensures all affected staff in the organisation are well prepared for, and confident and competent in, performing their new roles. A clear plan for developing staff is in place that accounts for job changers and new starters.
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.