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We help tech disruptors solve for hyper-growth through solutions tailored for their unique priorities in our tech “Disruptor Marketplace”.

Case Study: Our Impact on a Fortune 500 Rideshare Company.

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Outcomes-on-Tap with HCLTech

Your Partner for Exponential Growth
  • 360⁰ Relationships – The HCLTech Advantage (Sell to, Sell with and Buy from)
  • Scale Professional Services
  • Industry Solutions Mindset
Product Engineering Services: Innovation & Quality
  • Product Quality Assurance
  • Partner Integration Services
  • Regulatory Assurance
  • Peripheral Product Engineering services
Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS): Dedicated/Shared Services for Growth Leaders
  • Customer Operations Services
  • Business Operation Management (Finance, Sales Ops, and more)
  • Shared Service - Infrastructure & Apps
  • End-customer facing infrastructure as a service
IT Services: Ready When You Need It, The Way You Want It
  • Applications Management
  • End-to-End Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Data-Driven organization
  • ERP transformation
  • Automation
  • DevSecOps

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A Leader across all key technology areas






Internet of Things


Digital Workplace Services




AI and Automation

HCLTech strategy and approach features in exclusive research by analysts

How to Buy and Ramp Up Your Next-Generation Workplace Service During COVID-19 and Afterward

HCLTech innovation drumbeat and growth continues due to focused offering on Building a Resilient Digital Enterprise

HCLTech: Driving Enterprise Transformation with innovation in Age of Covid-19

Rooted and stable yet innovation, HCLTech relies on core strengths to drive profitable growth

Disruptor Marketplace

With over 44 years of experience and global reach, HCLTech gives you the confidence to focus on the strategic needs of your company while we take care of the rest.

Our contracts can be short-term and flexible so that you can activate and engage a wide range of skillsets based on your needs at any moment.

Why HCLTech


Need to buy Operations as a Service? You got it. Need customer operations as a service on tap? We can help with that too. Need 24/7 infrastructure management coverage in a shared services model? We’ve got you covered. Engagement models specifically designed for you? We do that too! All through one point-of-contact.


It’s not true that growth needs to be expensive. With automation, engineering mindset and operational efficiency being core to who we are, we can help you run your business and help you manage hyper-growth in a cost-effective manner.

No drama

Your designated point of contact ensures you just need to tell us what you need, and we do the rest. No more late nights trying to track down a vendor – you only need one phone number on speed dial. Our relationship team will have you covered.


With over 44 years of experience, including 30 years in the US, we’re here for the long-haul. Our workforce of 223,400+ highly-skilled ideapreneurs is distributed globally to also provide a local presence as needed for your success. Even with the impact of Covid-19, our company is stable and positioned for growth, having hit US$ 12.8 Bn in revenue in 2022.

North American HQ in Bay Area

Guided by Sustainability and Responsibility

Analyst rated Leader in vision and execution across services

Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

Case Studies

Fortune 500 Rideshare Company

70% backlog reduction and 30% increased automation for a Fortune 500 ride hailing American technology company by managing their network operations, servers and end-point management across 7 countries.

Fortune 50 Internet Company

A HCLTech team of 1100+ with 13 languages, supporting Digital Ad creation and delivery for a Fortune 50 internet company resulting in 15% improvement in turnaround times in an already hyper-optimized set up.

Large American Software Company

HCLTech runs end customer SaaS infrastructure for a large American software company globally in one of the largest business cloud management setups on Azure with an expected scale of 35K servers.

Fortune 50 Software Company

End to End Data pipeline automation resulting in 30% cost rationalization and 60% data pipeline automation for a Fortune 50 software company.

Cloud-based Hosting Company

Reduced turnaround times for sales operations support from 2 weeks to 3 days for sales support requests thereby increasing selling time and sales effectiveness for an American cloud-based file hosting company.

Multinational Telecom and Consumer Electronics

State-of-art security services spanning 700+ firewalls, 140K+ endpoints, 75K+ IP Scans for 105K people globally for a multinational telecom and consumer electronics company.


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