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Technical Competency Index (TCI): Forrester Groundswell Awards 2013 entry


TCI (Technical Competency Index) is an initiative to assess the technical competency levels across various jobs/ roles defined in HCL’s competency framework. TCI is administered through an online survey tool, hosted on the company intranet, where managers rate employees in their projects on the levels of technical competencies mapped to their roles. The target audience for TCI is 25000 + employees in HCL, performing various roles.

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Components of the solution

  1. TCI Framework – TechCEED, the central training team at HCL, conceptualized, designed and developed the TCI framework.
  2. TCI roles and skill mapping – Job families, roles and corresponding skills were identified to define the scope of TCI
  3. TCI diagnostic tool – Online TCI diagnostic application was developed with the help of internal Business Process Reengineering (BPR) team.
  4. TCI administration – TCI is administered by the central training team covering 25000+ employees, where managers rate employees in their projects on the levels of technical competencies mapped to their roles.
  5. TCI reports & analytics – The diagnostic helps us calculate TCI score at org-level, line of business level and project level. Detailed TCI reports are generated and shared with the leadership and management within all lines of businesses.
  6. TCI recommendations – Based on the gaps identified, the central training team shares recommendations to address the skill gaps and thereby ensure TCI improvement.

Know more about how TCI was implemented..

A screenshot of TCI tool
A screenshot of TCI tool

How is the solution unique and relevant?

How does it align with the need?

  1. TCI helps to objectively analyze competency levels in the organization.
  2. TCI helps to identify roles and skills to focus on, therefore, optimizing investment in training
  3. TCI is an online tool, which makes it accessible to employees across locations.
  4. TCI has been developed after several months of rigorous research with inputs from various stakeholders including HR, leadership and delivery teams. This has helped us create a robust and reliable tool.
  5. TCI is aligned to HCL’s competency framework
  6. TCI helps us generate more than 1500 customized reports and analysis.
  7. TCI is a completely internal process end-to-end and therefore saves huge cost for HCL.

What is unique about TCI?

TCI is:

  1. Internally developed framework and diagnostic tool
  2. Aligned to HCL’s competency framework
  3. Role-based
  4. Scalable
  5. Customizable
  6. First of its kind in industry
  7. Post TCI support
  8. Cost-effective

What was the business impact of TCI?

Coverage Achieved

TCI covered 20762 employees from 2177 projects and participation from 1187 managers. The phenomenal response helped us achieve 80% coverage.

Outcomes of TCI Analysis

  1. TCI score for the organization
  2. Role-wise TCI scores in the organization
  3. Organization-level report generated and shared with leadership
  4. 1510 customized project-wise report generated and shared with participating project managers
  5. Identification of projects with highest and lowest TCI scores
  6. Identification of focus groups that need attention using percentile analysis
  7. Skill-wise analysis – to identify skills that need development
  8. Employee band-wise/ experience-wise analysis with the help of correlation analysis
  9. Analysis of impact of TCI on customer satisfaction
  10. Pareto analysis to identify top roles that need focused intervention

TCI Improvement

Based on the TCI reports, focus areas were identified and recommendations given to each strategic delivery unit. Discussions were held with training academies to finalize the goals pertaining to post-TCI development interventions.

Post-TCI Learning Interventions

To ensure learning focused on addressing the skills gaps identified in TCI, following post-TCI learning interventions were made available by the central training team –

  1. 120 internal technical certifications
  2. 42 role-based certifications
  3. 8500+ e-learning courses and assessments
  4. 17032 employees have completed internal technical certifications
  5. 2010 employees have so far completed role-based certifications
Cost Savings

TCI, an internally developed online diagnostic, covering 20000+ employees, along with analytics capability and the provision of generating customized reports internally helps HCL save $200000 per year

Long-Term Impact on Business
  1. Better business due to improved customer satisfaction
  2. Improved credibility due to better delivery performance
  3. Scalability and sustainability by leveraging internal capabilities & technology
  4. Baselining will help track improvement in TCI
Appreciation & Testimonials

“This initiative has a lot of potential to upgrade HCL and we can build on this base and reach the goals.” - Rajiv Sodhi, Sr. Corporate Vice President & Chief Customer Officer, HCL Technologies

“Thank you for this excellent insight and we will be keen to implement and benefits from these findings” - KV.Subrahmanyam, Sr. Vice President, Healthcare Unit

“The report and analysis is very impressive.” - Rangarajan Vijayaraghavan, Sr. Vice President, Enterprise Application Services

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.

We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential. Please read our privacy statement for additional information.