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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT
Are AI and IoT the same?

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) creates intelligent systems that can learn to match or surpass human tasks with historical data without manual intervention, the IoT technology collects and handles the vast data required for an AI to learn and transform into intelligent systems, thus generating insights for improved operations and business.

Our subject matter experts suggest that AI/ML will drive IoT convergence and data-driven business improvement initiatives, making data sciences a key enabler. AI-based image/video-based analytics are growing manifold rapidly. AI in IoT can proactively predict potential machine parts maintenance and replenishment, reducing energy consumption, downtime costs and increases productivity.

We have a few AI/ML-based offerings you can explore:

  1. Smart Integrated Operations (SIO)
  2. Real-time In-store Insights (RII)
  3. Live Social Distance Monitoring (Live-SDM)