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How can we facilitate ahome office with a digital workplace?

HCLTech’s Fluid Workplace offering is a comprehensive set of future-proof digital workplace solutions that covers both “secure remote working” and a “cautious return to the workplace”. The Fluid Workplace offering aims at helping customer accelerate their digital transformation and build an innovative, empathetic, personalized, and on-demand remote workplace to deliver greater productivity and a superior user experience. Our leadership positions across industry analysts and research organizations is a testament to our industry-leading portfolio and ability to deliver on the promise of UX.

The Remote Working Pack includes:

  1. Remote productivity readiness assessment: Telecommuting readiness assessment and consultancy
  2. Remote virtual workspace: Intelligent and secure on-demand workplace empowering users to be equally productive while working from home
  3. Remote collaboration: Unified and personalized chat-centric remote collaboration for teams that need to engage from anywhere, anytime
  4. Remote support: Cognitive AI- and AR-based immersive remote support
  5. Remote UX monitoring: Big data analytics-based preventive support and real-time remote worker UXmonitoring
  6. Adaptive security: Cloud-based remote access security based on Zero Trust principles
  7. Compassionate change management: Contextual behavior change strategies incorporating multiple channels