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Digital workplace security
How can we secure a digital workplace?

With the advent of the hybrid work model in the post-pandemic era, securing the workplace has become paramount. Today, the workforce is operating from the comforts of their home and working across devices, apps, time zones, and geographies. It is imperative for companies to provide a seamless experience to the workforce without compromising on security.

But the ever-emerging threat landscape has become more dynamic. So, here are the steps organizations can take to secure their digital workplace:

  • Controlled access– Ensure that only authorized users can access the network, devices, and/or apps
  • Password-less authentication – Passwords are hackable, hence, with password-less authentication, the security posture becomes more powerful
  • Data loss prevention –Companies must safeguard data loss through malicious insiders or outsiders in a hybrid work environment
  • Privacy by design – Make sure that all new systems are secured by design
  • Clean desk policy –Mandate best practices like a clean desk policy