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How can weengage employees in the digital workplace?

Digital workplaces are aimed at improving the quality of work life, making it easier and more efficient.  Digital workplace tools improve employee engagement, enhance their productivity and utilization, equip them to work from anywhere, any device, anytime, across geographies and allow them to connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Today’s hyperconnected multilingual workers instantly access their work environment while working from home and office. They use devices which are professional and personal and a multitude of tools to communicate, collaborate, and create asthey work across time zones.

This is possible through a seamless integration of technologies that employees use to accomplish their daily tasks without compromising on experience, security, and productivity. Digital workplace solutions help break down silos and barriers to communication through messaging and collaboration tools, automate recurring and monotonous tasks, facilitate seamless employee experience management, leverage artificial intelligence for chatbots and cognitive assistance, and use mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) for next-generation end-user support services.