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Autonomy in the workplace/ Autonomy at work
How can wegain autonomy in the workplace?

Enabling autonomy at the workplace is important as the workforce mayotherwise feel disengaged and unmotivated. This, in turn, can seriously impact the company’s profits and quality of operations. With the advent of the pandemic, the world moved to a complete remote work model and, after two years, a permanent hybrid work model is taking shape.

So, the globally distributed workforce today is working across geographies, timezones, cultures, generations, and languages. Hence, it’s important for them to work in a way that suits them to be productive and efficient. This helps employees gain more autonomy.

Here are some key points of guidance for enterprises on gaining autonomy:

  • Give employees accountability and ownership
  • Facilitate flexibility at work
  • Build a culture of trust and responsibility
  • Recognize and celebrate the success of individuals/teams