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Digital Maturity
How do you foresee digital maturity for communication service providers?

The model looks to assess the CSP’s Digital Maturity on 5 key components: Work Culture, Business Agility, Technology Disruptors, Architecture Agility & Digital Governance.

  • Work Culture - Characterizing the changes in communications, culture, structure, training, and knowledge management within the organization that will enable it to become a digital player
  • Business Agility - Focusing on customer participation and business empowerment, as well as new benefits created through automation of network and processes
  • Technology Disruptors - Representing the Next Gen Technology Trends being adopted by the CSP& its capabilities that enable effective technology planning, deployment, and integration to support the digital business
  • Architecture Agility - Focusing on the capabilities that support the service provision. Increased maturity within this dimension demonstrates a more digitized, automated, and flexible operations
  • Digital Governance - Focusing on the capabilities that enable more flexible and agile ways of monitoring & regulations that will form the basis for an effective digital business

Scoring model: HCLTech

Based on its experience and understanding of the digital enterprise of the future, HCLTech has defined a weighted model to assess the current state of digital maturity of CSPs. Our model ranks tenets defined in the matrix as: Work Culture (20%), Business Agility (10%), Technology Disruptors (30%), Architectural Agility (25%), and Digital Governance (15%). Based on our assessment of current state of the given CSP, we calculate a cumulative score and assign a level of digital maturity to the client.

Based on the client’s current level of digital maturity, HCLTech outlines a digital transformation trajectory. HCLTech has a set of tools, processes, and frameworks to help the organization embark on the digital journey with the required support and expertise to ensure long-term success.