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Impact of technology on the workplace
How is technology changing the workplace?

Technology has impacted the ways of working and brought many changes to the workplace. Majority of these have offered new opportunities, made work life better, and equipped the workforce with better tools to manage day-to-day tasks. Digitalization has aided the world of work through new tools for communication and collaboration, data processing and analysis, and workflow automation and orchestration.

Technology also aids innovation and creativity by combining the efficiency of machines and creative skills of humans. With machines taking care of redundant tasks, humans can take up work of higher value.

Digital tools improve employee experiences (through user experience design), enhance their productivity and utilization, equip them to work from anywhere, any device, anytime, across geographies and allowing them to connect, collaborate and communicate. These tools canalso foster a strong sense of culture and community within workplace through harnessing the power of technology.

AI impacts the strategy and operations of enterprises across the globe. AI primarily helps workplaces by driving innovation, enhancing employee and customer experiences, improving end-user productivity, and then reducing costs.

With automation at the core, workplace solutions can drive away these inefficiencies through streamlining operations, reducing costs, enhancing uptime, and decreasing helpdesk calls