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Digital Workplace Tools
What are digital workplace tools?

Digital workplace tools are software applications and technology platforms that are aimed to improve the quality of work life, making it easier and more efficient. Digital workplace tools improve employee experiences (through user experience design), enhance employee productivity and utilization, equipping them to work from anywhere, any device, anytime, across geographies, and allowing them to connect, collaborate, and communicate. Digital workplace tools shall also foster a strong sense of culture and community within workplace through harnessing the power of technology. Depending on job roles, personas, and industries, the digital workplace tools need to be tailored accordingly to suit the unique needs of the workforce.

HCLTech’s Digital Workplace solutions and tools enable enterprises to build a “Fluid Workplace” that is hyper-personalized, agile, adaptive, empathetic, human-centric, inclusive, and resilient, delivering seamless employee experiences to your workforce anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Our digital workplace services (end-user computing services), driven by our digital workplace consulting-led approach brings together technology, people, and culture to create positive experiences that make your workforce meaningfully productive and purposefully engaged.

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