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Private LTE and 5G Networks
What are private LTE and 5G networks?

In the human communication infrastructure systems era, we had rapidly progressed through broadband, 2G, 3G, and LTE (long-term evolution). But today’s challenging business scenarios require a single dedicated device communication network that can fulfill the ultra-low latency or low power needs for different use cases. The feature-rich 5G network supports ultra-low latency and low power, with the ongoing 5G network trials, and is expected to be completed soon. Meanwhile, enterprises look for a way to get a dedicated device network connectivity with existing infrastructure. The possible path is private LTE networks.

A private LTE network is a local one that utilizes dedicated radio equipment to support a premise with specific IoT applications and services. The use of dedicated equipment allows it to be independent of traffic fluctuation in the wide-area macro network. The private LTE and its prodigy, 5G cellular, can transform manufacturing operations and boost performance with three solid communication pillars: High speed, low latency, and high reliability.

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