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What are some new trends for a digital workplace?

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Digital Workplace trends
What are some new trends for a digital workplace?

Rakshit Ghura, Senior Vice President andGlobal Head of Digital Workplace Services at HCLTech talks about five new trends transforming the digital workplacein his recent blog post:

Cloud capabilities - Native and hybrid cloud services offer opportunities to lower overhead costs while simultaneously optimizing your work procedures.

Artificial intelligence - Due to their broad use-cases, AI-powered tools can suit a host of needs and fill many productivity gaps that organizations may be experiencing.

Blockchain - Given that blockchain is a perfect vehicle for sharing data securely, its role in the workplace looks promising.

Mixed reality and augmented reality - AR-enabled devices have helped industrial workforces visualize everything from entire structures to specific components during the construction process, providing real-time, contextual data.

IoT - IoT technologies will power things like touchless offices and smart social distancing in the future. 

Read the complete blog post here - https://www.hcltech.com/blogs/watch-out-these-five-technologies-transforming-workplace

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