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IoT Data Collection
What data does IoT collect?

IoT devices, including and not limited to proximity sensors, temperature sensors, image sensors, chemical sensors, and gas sensors, collect various type of data, from most basic to most advanced. Below are the different types of data collections:

  1. Status data: This constitutes most-basic information, like whether an appliance is on, or off, and available parking spots. The status data is primarily useful to all decision-making, planning, and maintenance. It has an incremental value once paired with other type of IoT data.
  2. Location data: Real-time location data of assets/people enable highly efficient monitoring and management tasks.
  3. Automation data: Data from different assets in an ecosystem can help control vehicles, moving parts of any asset, and traffic accidents. Automation data involve high stakes in case of errors and face security threats but is inevitable to exponentially increase the productivity of assets and human resources.
  4. Actionable data: Extending beyond status data, the system captures insight over and above primary data and transforms into easy-to-carry-out instructions. This IoT data can facilitate long-term decision-making and workplace efficiency.