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What is Digital Footprint?

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Digital Footprint
What is Digital Footprint?

Digital footprint refers to the traces of a person on the internet. It reflects his/her online activities. It is similar to the footprints we leave behind while walking on the sand.

Any action on the internet leaves a mark of identity and could lead back to the individual. It works as a unique identity mark for a person browsing the internet. The information shared by a person online is permanent and thus can be traced by anyone.

Every time you visit a website, it leaves a cookie in your system. These cookies can be used to keep an account of every movement made by a person on the internet. Some websites like to keep a record of the various kinds of devices you have used to enter and browse their website. This proves to be essential when it comes to securing your account.

Since your footprint can be seen and traced back to you, make sure you always leave a positive footprint. Don’t share your personal information and also change your passwords as frequently as you can.